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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2020-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.2 or later.
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The CHANI app is a personalized guide through the ups and downs of life. Combining the wisdom of the stars with mindfulness and meditation, the app supports your growth and well-being. With the most detailed birth chart explanations available, real-time updates - specific to you - on how to work with the astrology of the moment, a library of meditations for daily use, rituals, and a journal to set intentions and track your growth with each new moon and full moon, the CHANI app is a tool for self-discovery. We believe that when you know your birth chart - your life’s blueprint - you are better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. Through comprehensive chart readings that you can unpack and put to use whenever you want to, we aim to make your astrology chart an accessible and reliable resource for you. Here are the offerings: Your Horoscope: You’ll get your horoscope for the week ahead every Monday morning. The Week Ahead: In this weekly podcast, we’ll give you a rundown of the astrology of the week ahead. Astroweather: Based on what the planets are doing in the sky right now, we’ll give you a quick forecast of how the next 7 days looks, astrologically speaking. The Current Sky: Wondering where Mars is today and if it’s ruining your life? If you ever want to know what sign a planet is currently in, look here. Not only will we tell you where a planet is and whether or not it is retrograde, but we’ll also tell you what area of your life it is impacting. Did you just begin your Saturn return? Check out the Saturn section of the Current Sky to learn more about what to expect. Chart: This section of the app includes detailed information about your specific birth chart. It explores every planet in your chart and all the different relationships that they have with one another. We will regularly add new content here so that you can keep learning about other facets of your chart such as nodes, asteroids, and points. Workshops: If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Chani, this section of the app will feel very familiar. For every New Moon and Full Moon, and some major astrological moments like retrogrades and the solstice, you can listen to a reading for your sign, a guided meditation, and work with our altar suggestions. In addition, we’ll give you journal prompts and you can store your reflections and intentions directly in the app. To review what you wrote in the past and see how you’ve grown since then, just click on the Journal Archive. Transits: Come here for a daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. This info is time-sensitive. Some transits only last a day or two and the content will come and go as the transit begins and ends. Meditations: The library of meditations has offerings for different moods and needs. Check-in with yourself in the morning, at night, and as you need throughout the day.



  • Thinking to cancel

    By lululalaaaa
    At first when I started paying for the app I was excited to get the weekly readings and have been listening every week . I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the readings and am thinking to cancel . There are times that I do resonate and have felt certain things she says are spot on but much of the time her readings are unclear , not to the point and use a lot of fluffy poetic language that leaves you more confused than when you began to listen . There is a way to use this language and make sense , though I have been frustrated with the lack of digestible information . I hope this improves because I like the idea of this app though I am not too impressed .
  • Great but inaccurate

    By brittcmarq
    This app is great and well written but the timing is off. My rising sign was off by an entire hour so the app is not accurate. They also use whole house signs so for those of you that are not familiar make sure you are aware your chart will not match most other Astro databases.
  • Can’t live without it, won’t live without it! ✨

    By Jagiwar
    So I love Chani and her book is the most accessible I have ever read on astrology, so I thought I would try the paid version of the app and cancel if I didn’t use it enough. LOL, yeah, that’ll never happen. I can’t live my life without it. It is like a whole astrology class!! I have learned SO much! There is a weekly mini podcast and a weekly personal reading for your rising sign and how the major transits are affecting you—both recorded by Chani. A library of meditations. Altar suggestions for working with each major transit. Weekly guided meditation focused on each week’s most significant astrological activity (so lots of Full Moon/New Moon meditation). Full personal chart analysis of every planet and house, gifts and challenges of how they’re positioned in your chart. AND maybe my favorite thing—you can go in and edit and save the birth info all you want, over and over, so that you can pull a detailed chart analysis and recorded horoscopes for anyone you want. Life changing, seriously. The premium version of the app is worth a ton more than the monthly cost in my opinion. An absolute lifeline. Thank you, CHANI APP team!!!
  • so many subscription problems, not worth it

    By chaoticfish311
    I would like to give this app more stars but I’ve had incredibly frustrating experiences with updating my subscription to the app, changing the payment method in the Apple store, trying to sign in sign out etc, just so I can read about my chart. Honestly, not worth the headache.
  • please fix bugs

    By limitedtimeonly333
    jfgdc I am so tired of being required to re-log in to this godforsaken app. fix it jesus. content is great, user experience is poor. really drives me batty.
  • Signs me out all the time

    By Gabysofia
    Love the app but I am super annoyed that it constantly has be log in again and again. I can’t just clic and access. Also, it says my email is invalid all the the time which is not at all the case. Please fix this so it can be easier to use and I am not fighting with it each time I want to access.
  • Healing

    By namelessly named
    I feel more connected to divinity, the cosmos, and my body.
  • Meditation

    By doncarr
    The guided meditations were amazing.
  • 💫

    By pwflint
    An excellent synthesis of the Trelawney and Firenze schools of astrology.
  • The absolute best Astrology app out there!

    By TempestTitan
    The CHANI app is such an amazing resource, and it has so much to live about it. First, the astrological insights are spot on…their team of astrologers is top notch, and I have not read anything that has not been revelatory or hit some deep truth for me. Second, the app is staffed by amazing black peor indigenous people, people of color, as well as people who have survived sexual trauma/abuse. They are trans/NB supporting and affirming, and present information in such an approachable way, you can’t help but love and follow their advice. People may balk a bit at the monthly cost, but the funds go to the app and to the staff, who deserve every bit of it and then some. If you are looking for top tier astrological information and readings, you can stop here. This app is the one for you!