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Hey girl, I’m Jo! I designed my growwithjo fitness and nutrition app to make it easy and fun for ladies all around the world to achieve their health and fitness goals. You'll have access to a wide variety of features, including workouts, a meal planner and nutrition tracker, weight loss challenges, meditation exercises and much more. This comprehensive program covers everything you need to transform your body and mind. New COOKBOOK feature available now! These healthy recipes have you covered from breakfast, to dinner, and even with sweet treats for your cravings! Cookbook consolidates recipes from my app into one convenient hub, categorized for easy exploration. Embrace flexibility by selecting recipes for specific days or meals, without the need for personal measurements. Choose between ready-made meal plans or dive into Cookbook's diverse collection. Here are some more highlights: - Workouts that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment, so you can get a sweat on any time, anywhere! - 50+ unique training programs designed by 4 amazing female fitness professionals - Various length workouts, so if you’re pushed for time, you can select a short workout and get it done in as little as 12 minutes! - Huge variety of workouts for weight-loss, strength building, toning and improving your fitness level. Whatever your goal may be, there’s something for you :) - Newly introduced live workouts! Join me for lively and engaging live-streaming videos, and get fit together with hundreds of other women all over the world. Working out has never been so fun and encouraging! Unnecessary kilograms, bad mood and low-self confidence - just sweat and lose it all at home workout with your personal fitness coach! Not only is my app jam-packed with challenging workouts, it also has an awesome meal plan feature to help you eat healthier, feel better and look gorgeous. Here's what you can expect: - Customized meal planner (3 meals a day plus a snack). You can swap out ingredients you don’t like, and create a super-easy grocery list to take to the store. These plans were designed to ensure you cook for 25 minutes or less each day to help you slot these meals into your everyday routine. - Delicious recipes like my go-to banana pancakes, quesadillas with a protein of your choice, my cherry-chocolate milkshake and so much more! - All the macronutrients broken down to help you understand what you are nourishing your body with. - Meal plan designed to support your better food choices, NOT to restrict you from your favorite foods. The meals are adjustable, delicious and full of goodness, helping you fuel your amazing body! Wait, there's more! With features like meditation exercises and calming sounds, our app is also designed to help you achieve mindfulness and relaxation. If you are looking to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, our Balance tab is the missing piece of the puzzle. Unwind, relax, and get the quality sleep your body craves. So, why wait? Sign up to join the community of amazing women and start crushing your fitness goals today! Come Grow With Jo :) Grow with Jo works with Apple Health to record your calories burned after workout. Grow with Jo follows well known worldwide health publications rules to propose you healthy diet plan. More info about diet guidelines you can find at our website: Payments for access to the application will be auto-renewed if it is not turned off at least 24 hours before the current period. The account will be debited at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Users can manage subscriptions and disable auto-renewal in the app’s settings. Grow with Jo provides diet plans which cannot be taken as a medical diagnosis. If you wish to get a medical diagnosis, please contact with your nearest medical center. Terms of service: Privacy policy:



  • Love GWJ, don’t love the app

    By Mindfulmuriel
    Ugh so sad to write this, but this app is drabbbbb, basic, not as user friendly as I imagined and boring. I love GWJ YouTube bc it keeps you moving and energized with music and fun workouts… I got the app hoping it would help me stay consistent, but quickly realized that the lack of any fun on there I will likely not use it at all, even though I bought a 6 month membership. The workouts are so boring!!! There are plain white, no music, repeating workouts and boring pauses between each, and it just feels so… different from what I know grow with Jo to be from my YouTube experience. I also kept trying to link the workout to my Apple Watch and it kept unsyncing and messed up my whole workout/didn’t record it. *sigh*, oh well! At least I still have YouTube! 🤣
  • Похудейте с данным приложением

    By Sabinann
    Хочу посоветовать всем данное предложение,раньше страдала лишним весом но благодаря этому приложении удалось сбросить около 8 кг за месяц
  • This app has All That You Need and Some👏🏽

    By Shellie7
    Jo keeps me inspired as I work out, the tracker for water, incredible recipes and now a cookbook too!!! There are sections to meditate and keep your stress level low, inspirations, different workouts; Everything you need to be the best you. Thank you Jo and as always, God bless and keep on reaching for the stars!!!!👏🏽🙏🏽
  • We shouldn’t have to pay to get help!

    By yehxjenc
    Just saying, her videos are free on youtube, and we shouldn’t be forced to pay for a simple meal plan and workouts.
  • First routine to change my life

    By jen@191
    I’ve been using the Growwithjo app for four months now. I decided to join after about a year of following her YouTube workouts, which I loved because they made working out (something that had previously been full of shame and disappointment for me) fun. Not to mention that this app compared to other diet and exercise programs is really reasonably priced. If you like Jo’s YouTube workouts, you’ll like this app. Following the exercise programs has been monumental in helping me set realistic yet challenging goals and come through for myself for the first time. I started at beginner levels but worked quickly up to hard to challenge myself. My confidence in my physical ability and enjoyment of changing my lifestyle has grown exponentially. I recently started following the meal plan as well and have seen almost immediate results. That being said, there’s one big thing I would like to see improved with the app: Be able to do any workout (even if it’s part of a program) at any time. Some of my favorite workouts have been within programs, but unless you’re doing that program you can’t do the workout. I like to follow the programs and add on additional workouts, and it would be nice if I could choose any workout, even if it’s within a different program. If that were different, I wouldn’t hesitate to give the app 5 stars.
  • Very disappointed

    By GrowWithJo YT Fan
    I love her YT videos and thought this would be like that but with tracking so I could see my progress through the workouts. The workouts are narrated by maybe a bot? It’s not at all like her YouTube workouts. It’s very manufactured and feels so boring. I usually have no problem doing 60+ minutes with Jo but I didn’t last 20 with a video on this app. I saved money for a month to pay for this and I am very disappointed.
  • App won’t work

    By <3CMG
    I’ve purchased the subscription. The subscription shows up in my iTunes account. But the app will not register the subscription. I will press the purchase button, click “restore purchase,” and it says great you’re linked! Then goes right back to you need to purchase a subscription. I’m so disappointed.
  • I’m loving it

    By LSurmay
    Great app, I’m loving it so far
  • Love it! 5 Stars!

    By MillerBecca86
    This app has been really helpful for me. It has a meal plan (yes I live in the US) It grocery puts my grocery order together too. It also has scripture which I love! So if you are feeling lonely or fearful… this app will read you encouraging words from the Bible. I also love that there is music that helps me sleep! I can keep track of my measurements and weight. If I miss a workout I can go back and still do the workout. I absolutely love this app.
  • This app is great but…

    By AdriannaBattle
    When I first got this app, I was amazed at how Jo seemingly thought of everything! Especially when it comes to the meal plan(you can make substitutes for different ingredients & and create a grocery list based on said meal plan) The workout part was great to start off with. I was able to airplay the exercises to my TV but eventually I lost that capability. I don’t know if this was due to an update, but I have to screen share from my phone to my TV. If this feature could be integrated in the app I’d give it 5 starts