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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-09-21
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 772.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.41289
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Headline: Pokémon UNITE: Team up and take down the opposition in Pokémon’s first 5-on-5 strategic team battle game! Join Trainers from around the world as they head for Aeos Island to compete in Unite Battles! In Unite Battles, Trainers face off in 5-on-5 team battles to see who can score the most points within the allotted time. Teamwork is key as you and your teammates defeat wild Pokémon, level up, evolve your own Pokémon, and work to prevent the opposing team from scoring points. Put your teamwork to the test, and take home the win! Key Features: • BATTLE IN STYLE: Take to the field while looking your best in Holowear! Thanks to a special technology developed using Aeos energy, Trainers can deck out their Pokémon in a variety of holographic outfits—with new styles arriving regularly! • UNITE MOVES: Unleash the true power of your Pokémon with Unite Moves! Leverage these all-new Pokémon moves, which are only possible while in Unite Battles, and turn the tide of even the direst situations. • RANK UP: Looking to prove how skilled you are? Participate in ranked matches, and earn points as you climb up the global leaderboard! • COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Even the most skilled Trainers recognize how important communication is to their team’s success. Leverage signals, quick-chat messages, and—for the first time in a Pokémon title—voice chat to communicate and stay in sync with your team. • CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY: Challenge Trainers from around the world to Unite Battles on the Nintendo SwitchTM system or on a compatible mobile device thanks to cross-platform support. Trainers may use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account on both Nintendo Switch and mobile to easily keep their progress synced between devices. Check out the official website for more information, and follow Pokémon UNITE on Twitter for all the latest news. ------------------------------------------------------------ Official Website: http://PokemonUNITE.com/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokemonUNITE/ Legal: • This is a free-to-start game; optional in-game purchases available. Data charges may apply. • An internet connection is required to play the game.



  • Bad

    By leiaura
    Matchmaking is terrible needs a fix to many dumb players
  • Great game, annoying bug with mobile

    By GabrielJhurricane
    This game is wonderful. It’s so fun to play and they update often. It’s a lot like league of legends. My only complaints is how you always have to sign into your trainer account when you log in on mobile. This doesn’t happen when I play on the Nintendo switch. The matchmaking is also pretty bad. No matter what, the games are almost always one sided. It’s unfair that your rank can be ruined by a 6 year old going afk because they don’t know what a MOBA is. That part isn’t your fault since it’s a Pokémon game and its going to draw attention from that age group. Overall it’s super fun and I highly recommend it. Just fix the few problems that it has.
  • Yo

    By ...stupidassnicknameshit
    I’ve read a lot of the reviews and it seems like more or less, we all have the same complaint, which is matchmaking in ranked. It’s really frustrating when you’re a high rank like veteran or ultra and you get paired with people who are playing like it’s their first time. I don’t know much about gaming or anything, so I don’t really know how all that works, but my boyfriend asked me to download this game a couple months ago and I’ve been playing it literally daily since then. I’m currently an Ultra rank and it’s so infuriating when my rank gets brought down because my teammates aren’t good enough for the ranks we’re playing against. At the end of the game, you can see how many kills, assists, and scores everyone has and when I see that I have 10-20 kills + assists vs my teammates who have 0-3 kills, it’s obvious that the ranks aren’t fairly cast. That and the fact that the game lags sometimes which causes players to be easily killed, and sometimes the game will say there’s a connection issue when there isn’t (on my end anyway) but it tells me to check my connection and then refuses to load, are my only complaints. I love this game so much. I don’t know much about Pokémon but this has created a great way for me to bond with my stepson and for all of us to do family time, not to mention it’s super fun to play even alone. So thank y’all for making it. (If y’all could add more Ninetales holowear, that’d be great too. Thanks!)
  • If UNITE didn’t have Pokémon in the name, nobody would playing

    By HeyitsAW12446
    I am not one to write many reviews, but as a Pokémon fan, I feel this needs to be addressed. I really want Unite to succeed, however there are so many flaws and issues, I had to uninstall this game. This is my first MOBA, and while I did have some fun, and I’ve had many of the same criticisms as many others. The more I played season 2, the less fun it became. Terrible matchmaking, unbalanced Pokémon (looking at you Lucario), ridiculously expensive skins, no consequences to AFKers, no real change in season 2, etc. The list of complaints goes on and on. Like I said, I really want this game to succeed, but unless some significant changes are made by Tencent, I will not be playing. I also encourage you to not play and support this game.
  • Lucario

    By Dabeast18YT
    I would rate the game 5 stars but Lucario ruins the game, Lucario is way too overpowered it evolves in like the first 4 levels and just about none of the Pokémon but Lucario evolve in the first 4 levels. I can’t do anything to it because it also takes like no damage. If you can make Lucario weaker and evolve like at level 6 I would rate this game 5 stars.
  • Just bad super super bad

    By tiger104565 [roblox name]
    I just started playing the game and it will only let us read the words and when we read all of it it will only show us start up again? And there was nothing there so pls fix the game I love Pokémon
  • 1 star would not recommend

    By Xiongkou
    Game is unbalanced and has a horrible ranked team matching system. No way communicating and is repetitive.
  • Apple ID where?

    By jlfan / oceangamer
    Basically my account is based on Apple ID and when I got on it was gone how do I fix this
  • Tutorial took too long

    By Squat Cobbler
    Boring I don’t have the time
  • Not good

    By Isaiasboooooom
    Many bug issues I gave it many chances both Nintendo switch and mobile moving feel sluggish and slow matchmaking and rank is so bad even though I have good connection ethernet cable connected to my phone or Nintendo switch my FPS drops down to like 10 or 30 at the most critical moment especially in rank which makes me lose points my character hole in the move too much or too long and it makes me lose the game Zapdos seems very unfair I understand lotta mobiles have that kind of mechanic but they should really know if it down quite a lot after literally destroying team and actually working together with my five team group we get destroyed simple because someone another team grab Zapdos really unfair I feel like this game is still in better I would not recommend this game to be taken serious or even to be trying at all to be playing this game there are other better mobile games like mobile legend league of legends that are significantly better that allows you toBand the enemies choices I thought they can pick and can’t pick we are not able to see the items that our team is using and the enemies are using or the Pokémon‘s that we’re going against so we can properly actually have a good match and making it more fair because right now Pokémon your night feels like a joke and I love this game I spent money on it I had hopes for it I keep uninstalling it and reinstalling it and I just don’t see a future for it it’s weird patch notes they’re not very clear when it comes down to the changes of certain Pokémon‘s it’s just seems like a mess and I can’t support something like this I’m sorry I just would not recommend anyone to play this game how do you space it’s a fun game but there’s just so much issues with it it is somewhat addicting but once you get that honeymoon phase you start to realize it just feels like better that we’re testing it out and it’s very stressful coming out of work having to get destroyed five games five min team two-man team the mic doesn’t seem to work Vail and Nintendo switch or barely at all even on the phone communication seems kind of lack it’s just a lot of issues it’s very stressful the game if you’re trying to take it serious enjoy it and even when you’re trying to play casual and enjoy you still can’t I came back after a week installing it did not have any fun I hope in the future that they will fix all these issues and problems if they want the game to survive because at this moment I see no future for it at the moment I feel like it’s dead they try hard but I appreciate it but I expected a lot more from them.