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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2021-04-22
  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 31.42 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.61151
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How To Download Malwarebytes Privacy VPN On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download Malwarebytes Privacy VPN on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

Privacy matters. In a world where online privacy is constantly invaded, a VPN is like having your own personal, private Internet connection. Whenever you go online, advertisers and hackers may try to eavesdrop on you. With a single click, our next-gen VPN helps protect your online privacy by masking your IP address and online activity - without collecting any of your browsing or online activity data itself. Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-gen VPN that uses the latest, fastest, and most secure VPN technology. Utilizing the widely acclaimed WireGuard® protocol, experience less lag and enjoy faster downloads, uploads, and browsing while remaining private and secure. Modern encryption protects you with not only 256-bit encryption but also using an advanced algorithm that goes beyond AES standards, so you can have peace of mind whenever you go online. • True Privacy Keep your true identity, IP address, and location private so you can browse anonymously. • WiFi Security While WiFi is convenient, it’s not always safe. Sending data over the Internet when using unsecured WiFi can expose your most sensitive information like your IP address, passwords, and more. Always turn on VPN when connecting to WiFi that is not your own. • Groundbreaking Speed Utilizes a next-gen WireGuard® VPN protocol that is faster and more efficient than OpenVPN® and other traditional VPNs. • No logging We respect your privacy and never log any of your online activities, whether it’s browsing or accessing websites. • Easy-to-use One-click, intuitive UI to manage your privacy online, at home, or on the go. • Online freedom Your online experience changes based on your location. Malwarebytes Privacy gives you hundreds of servers in 32 countries, so you have the ability to appear as if you’re connecting to the Internet from around the world. • 7-day Unlimited Trial. Try Malwarebytes Privacy completely FREE for 7 days. All the premium features of the paid version, with unlimited bandwidth and no server restrictions! Devices we work on: iPhone devices running iOS version 13 or higher with an active Internet connection. What is a VPN and why do I need it? A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure connection between people and devices over the Internet. A VPN makes going online safer and more private by stopping people from seeing who you are, where you are, or what you’re looking at. Learn more about VPNs. Does VPN work on WiFi and ethernet? Yes. An Internet VPN, such as Malwarebytes Privacy, offers a tunnel between you and the Internet, allowing you to browse the web securely and privately, no matter whether you’re using a public WiFi network at a cafe or plugged in to the ethernet at a hotel. About Malwarebytes: Based in Santa Clara, California, Malwarebytes has been building industry-leading Internet security software for more than ten years.



  • VPN keeps turning off and on all the time

    By mustika13
    I am very frustrated with this VPN service… It's constantly going on and off… I always have to check if it's on before I go online… I shouldn't have to do this.
  • Great! But needs icon and Kill Switch

    By TradeHound
    I use this on my MacBook Air and I love it! I wish the iPhone version had at least an icon to tell me it’s on so I don’t have to constantly check it. And of course I can’t wait for Kill Switch on iPhone and iPad.
  • Impossible support/ blocks apps

    By garuda5
    There are no controls just on or off and zero support. Blocks apps
  • Good but still buggy

    By R••••
    I love Malwarebytes Privacy on PC. I had a spare subscription key, so was super happy when they launched this for IOS. Pros: -Don't have to pay twice if you are already subbed to Malwarebytes Privacy for PC. Can use spare key. If you do not have a spare key, they tell you up front that this will cost something to get the full features. None of this "free" but "actually not free" nonsense. Bait and switch in-app purchases are the worst! Thankfully this is one of the few VPN's that uses an honest business model. -One of the fastest (maybe even the #1 fastest) VPN currently for IOS. -Great GUI. Really like that it is easy to tell what is going on instead having to fumble through the user interface. -Yes, it works. There have been multiple times where I tested this VPN by setting it to some far off country. Then, when I tried to log into my online accounts, the online security systems immediately ping me saying they detected suspicious activity in that someone was trying to log in from another country. Meaning it really does work! Cons: -Sometimes connection will just drop randomly. Don't know why. I need to check every hour or so, to make sure it is still connected. Does not alert when the VPN connection drops. -Possible that on rare occasions the IP leaks. Unfortunately, I don't know if this really is the case or not. But I have noticed that once in a while the "private IP address" at the bottom just disappears (even when I do not switch servers nor turn it off). The VPN has been running and just randomly the private IP address is gone. Thankfully switching servers then switching back, or turning it off then on again will fix this. But don't know if this just a GUI bug, or something more serious. But I thought it worth noting. Overall, I would recommend trying this out if you are looking for a premium level VPN. While it's not perfect, so far it is the best VPN I have tried used on IOS.
  • Not a free VPN, but worth it!

    By SFreviewer432
    Works super easily
  • Occasionally turns off by itself

    By crOo57
    Have to check to see if the app is still on. Turns off without my knowledge once in awhile.
  • Awesome like always, but.....

    By 🤷🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️
    You have to check every now and then if you’re still connected. On PC, I’m always connected through VPN even after every shutoff. I had it on last night, but tonight it’s off. (With that in mind, kill switch coming soon?)
  • Constantly disconnects on iPhone and iPad

    By Nelsonmnh
    Keep sliding over to engage the VPN. Later, on both the VPN reads disconnected. I have constantly reconnect the VPN. This is not acceptable. I have had other VPNs and whatever the flaws they had they never spontaneously disconnected. May go back to one of them iPhone 12 pro iOS 14.5.1
  • Fixed Privacy Page “Accept”

    By Dano IX
    Installed and works seamlessly.
  • Stops at the Privacy Page on my iPad

    By Woobie51
    Stops at the Privacy Page on my iPad running iPadOS 14.5. The app works just fine on my iPhone running iOS 14.5.