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  • First few months using Ladder

    By Gym review for iconic
    I absolutely love this app! I see my body gaining muscle and toning up. I love the structure and use of various movements/machines. Sarah @ team ICONIC is killing it!!!
  • Nice options poor customer service

    By HeatherFen
    I joined the app to follow with Team Coco. I didn’t realize she left the Ladder team until two weeks in. I reached out to customer service to cancel my membership (was still in the month window) and never heard back. If I knew nobody would return my requests I would have purchased month by month not a full year. Not happy that I’m out that much money..
  • Absolutely LOVE this app! Makes workouts easy!

    By JessHyatt
    I have absolutely loved the app, it takes the guess work out of every workout. I know that the coach is going to encourage me every step of the way and hit every muscle group! The videos keep your form on point and the coach cues you the whole way through! Highly recommend!
  • Love the training…..BUT…..

    By neeeemmmmmooooo
    1. The app owners & trainers do not respond to questions or messages so the ‘elite’ is literally 20 extra dollars a month for nothing. 2. The app starts wherever the training is in the series, you cannot start from the start. 3. You training is dictated by current sessions, not YOUR training needs. Nor can you lookup past training plans & follow those. I would give this 5 stars because the training so far is great, but if you need something specific or tailored, look else where, this ain’t it. I would love to see a library of programs we can choose from & start at the start!
  • Love - Pushed Through My Plateau

    By 2jtalk
    21 workouts in and I have to say I love it. There are a few limitations (scheduling, auto recording workout entries) but Coach Corey is the BEST and this got my going back to 70, 80, 90 and 100% when my workouts had fizzled out. Easy to use. Flawlessly integrates with Spotify and my Apple Watch. Highly recommend and very happy with my purchase.
  • Good workouts, buggy app

    By WEN111x
    Fix the bugs! The app itself is buggy. It’s constantly freezing up on me before the even get to the option to download the day’s session to avoid issues. Stop with the ads for Ladder merchandise too. The workouts are great. The coaches are great. The are culture of s great. The app itself is subpar.
  • Former D1 Athlete

    By CoopM45
    Hi all. I hope this review helps. Ladder has been the best app I have found in a long time. I’ve used workout apps a lot in the past after playing football. I’ve never really found something that I wanted to stick with. After I saw coach Corey’s ad on Insta I thought I’d give it a try. The fact that I don’t have to make and plan my own workouts has been game changer. But this isn’t Ladder’s bread and butter. Yes there are other apps out there do that. However, having coach Corey talking to you during the workout, making jokes, daily facts, encouraging you to hit heavier weights, and even helping new people who aren’t avid gym goer’s encouragement to seek out a spot has made the gym experience when I go by myself so much more enjoyable. I can wake up, know what I’m hitting, and be in and out of the gym in an hour. The psychological tools they’ve built in in terms of taking a photo everyday, the check marks for competing workouts and badges greatly increases the want to keep chasing the next workout. They even have other trainers for other workouts that you may be interested in such as HIIT or yoga etc. They even have a community of people that you can talk to in your team that help answer questions or provide you with support on your fitness journey. Being able to get nutrition advice along with the workouts has allowed me to drop 10lbs already and I can see an improvement in my physique. I will 100% swear by this app. Now you wont be able to just download the app and then get in better shape. You will have to put in the work and show up everyday. It’s a great app and I tell everyone I know that works out to use it. 10/10
  • This is it.

    By REELhiphop
    Been training consistently for 15 years now, and when I say I was skeptical of this app and program - I truly mean it. I have gotten so used to the low level influence driven scammers marketing in the health and fitness industry that I almost didn’t look twice at this app before trying it. BUT, I am so dang glad I did. After the free welcome workout and getting to play around with the app I saw some potential. After day 5 in the app before my trial period even expired I purchased the whole year without hesitation. Now, the “why”. I started with traditional strength and conditioning back in high school football days and fell in love with training and its science as a young man. Once in the military, got introduced to bodybuilding and powerlifting and truly found out what I was capable of. Got out of the Army, and went back to all the traditional push pull splits that I had always done, and while they’re effective, I eventually got really bored and underwhelmed to train. Enter Ladder, the end all solution. First off, it doesn’t matter what type of training you prefer, it’s all here, and provided by coaches that aren’t just here to blow smoke. I’ve tried a few of the women’s circuits and got absolutely wrecked by the Pilates integration, and love the variety of HIIT, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, and minimalist style workouts. The app tracks all the data you need which then really pushes you to grow with accurate feedback on percentages and reps. I showed a few of my long time lifting buddies this app, and they’ve all since purchased it as well. Phenomenal job on bringing a completely new platform of personal training to the masses.
  • Ive tried a ton of workout apps and this is the best one

    By krixh
    I am 5’2” and 130 pounds looking at times sculpt and this is the first app that I felt like I saw results within week one, felt the burn, felt challenged, achy muscles and felt like there were lots of different workout options
  • Ladder RoCKS!

    By JenniHines
    I’ve been doing Ladder app for a year now. I have lost 60 pounds and the best shape of my life. I actually I’m starting to see a six pack.