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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free

Rating: 4.72166 stars based on 25146 reviews

Moonly App — The Moon Calendar

Moonly App — The Moon Calendar Chromebook App Download

Download Moonly App — The Moon Calendar For Chromebook

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2020-01-11
  • Current Version: 1.6.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 306.00 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Developer: Cosmic Vibrations, Inc.

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Live by the moon rhythm, heal your soul, and harmonize your life. Use changing moon phases to achieve your goals — stars will show you a way forward. Daily tips, holidays, and practices will help you maintain a positive energy level and set the right course for your day. Lunar Calendar The most mysterious space object explained like never before! Follow a full moon calendar, learn the lunar influence, space cycles, and how it affects your energy. There is a hidden power inside you that you might have never thought of. Let moon astrology gently guide your way, discover your strong sides and true essence. Daily Affirmations Start your day with positive affirmations and notice the difference it makes. Affirmations give you motivation and awareness, empower you to direct your own thoughts, and simply make you happier day by day. There is a time of the day when your subconscious mind is more receptive. Use sleep affirmations to reach the depths of your mind and place a relevant mantra of the day. Wisdom Articles, tips, and rituals: develop your knowledge and consciousness. Healing and Guided Meditations Develop your mindfulness. Let go of all thoughts and spare some time just for yourself. Clear your mind, breathe and relax your body. All meditations were made by true masters, not just speakers. Understanding the moon opens the doors to the world of transformation and positive change. Embark on the journey of healing. Enter the world of Solar and Lunar energies and let the sun and moon guide you. Feel free to send your feedback: [email protected] Please check out the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:



  • Absolutely Amazing App- I Check daily for the Spiritual information

    By Natalina99
    I love it 🪷, Taro cards daily , meditations,🌼🎶🙏🌺🌼🌸
  • The free version

    By Claret Rodriguez
    It’s handy for someone that likes to work with the moon and it’s phases, the daily runs pull is cool as well as the reminders on hire to work with the days of the week. It also lets you know important celestial events. There’s cool free stuff on there. There’s the paid version-but I have no need for it. Useful.
  • Incorrect moon info

    By Thewholelove
    It’s saying today March 20th is a new moon in Aquarius, which is incorrect the new moon in Aquarius happened February 20th in the USA- I really like the features in this app but what good is it if the info is incorrect
  • Very Helpful

    By nyxlupa
    Love how detailed it is and what all it offers. The mindfulness aspect has really helped my anxiety and ptsd.

    By sonrisa arquitecto
    I wish the one-star reviewers had come to their senses prior to swinging their machetes, pulling their swords and blasting their virtual guns… This app is nothing short of extraordinary production by a group of the Angels that simply wanted to make this forsaken world to be a little better… If anything doesn’t work on your device, or in your hands- please, contact the app support first, and get an immediate response! Yes, immediate!! I suggest you grab the gift-like Lifetime Membership now, because when all of the “bells and whistles” are installed (and they will be introduced sooner than you think) - it may become substantially more expensive! Everything within the app, the Jyotish Astrology, the Wisdom, the Meditations and much, much more is priceless! The interface is polished, intuitive and user friendly! The upcoming features are exciting and waited for! And the App Support- is simply Legendary!! My sincerest gratitude goes to Natalie for the phenomenal professionalism and patience! To the Developers: Exceptionally well done! Bravo!!!!
  • Life changing

    By Sargent green willy
    I love everything about this app. It helps me everyday. I have learned so much and am excited to learn more.
  • Unbelievably beautiful and helpful app

    By SWHP6
    I’ve only had this app for less than a week and I’m hooked! The mantras are so beautiful and soothing. I could listen to them all day long. There are so many other wonderful features to explore. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking inner peace and harmony with their journey.
  • Spiritual Meets Capitalism the app

    By how_can_this_be_taken
    Moonly was recommended to me in a comment section of someone who was looking to better their tarot skills, so I decided to try it out. This app looks amazing, but if you wanted to be a free-to-play type user here, I’d recommend sticking to looking up info online or using another app entirely. The app pushes you SO hard to buy the full version, and even more so towards a subscription. At $70 USD for an app though, you have to be REALLY into the lifestyle associated with the content, and an avid app-user to begin with to justify the purchase. Moonly gets two stars from me since it does look appealing aesthetically, is often updated, and maintained well with cool looking content, QoL/bug fixes, and articles to browse and learn from… but the sheer in-your-face marketing and extreme predatory business tactics to get you to make a purchase was a massive turn off for me. I get it, people need to make money, but I could easily look up the information here online or in books without being pestered to buy things at every turn. I would’ve considered a purchase for all the content Moonly has, but not with ethics like that. I’ll continue to support my local library and small creators who could use the patronage instead.
  • Perfect for tracking the Moon!

    By LaLaLand125
    Perfect for tracking the Moon and all the rituals I do. I love the affirmations and the information about other women’s topics! I’ve shared!!!
  • Missing some Runes

    By OmRho
    It’s a great app. It just appears that it’s missing some runes such as the “X” rune.