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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-09-25
  • Current Version: 5.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 19.66 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 3.79444
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Bark provides families with all the tools they need to raise kids in the digital age. Our comprehensive service lets you monitor content, manage screen time, and filter websites so you can get peace of mind while your child is online. CONTENT MONITORING Bark monitors your child’s texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and social media platforms for issues like cyberbullying, adult content, sexual predators, profanity, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more. Parents receive alerts only when something potentially problematic occurs online. You won’t have full access to everything on your child’s phone — just the things you might need to know about. SCREEN TIME MANAGEMENT Families can set healthy time limits and create schedules for when their children’s devices can connect to the internet (through both cell service and Wi-Fi). WEB FILTERING Our web filter lets you select which websites your child can access on their devices. You can allow or block specific sites — or even whole categories like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more. BARK TESTIMONIALS • "My wife and I LOVE Bark. We've had some tough but productive conversations with our 13-year-old son. It's proving to be extremely valuable." — Josh L. • “It’s just another set of protections we as parents give our kids for the digital environment (or as my 10-year-old calls it, a “cell phone seat belt”). My oldest is a 9th grader, and while I trust her, I’ve come to realize through the alerts that some of her friends aren’t truly her friends. It’s led to some amazing conversations about choosing friends wisely and recognizing toxic people. While she wasn’t for Bark at first, she’s since said she’s grateful that I saw those messages because it reaffirmed what she was feeling but didn’t know how to verbalize without sounding sensitive.” — Bark Parent • "Bark notified me that my young daughter had unknowingly revealed her phone number to strangers on Twitter. The fact that Bark notified me was impressive and led to an informative discussion with her the same day." — Jon B. • “Since Bark alerted us to the suicidal language used in the Google doc that was being used in a chat document with a friend, we have seen both a pediatrician and a licensed counselor. We are hopeful for a positive outcome. Thanks to Bark for letting us peek into our child’s mind!” — Bark Parent • “This app is a lifesaver! It has allowed us to catch so many “red flags” in the content my kids have accessed on their devices and in their interactions with friends and other people online that I wouldn’t have ever known about otherwise. The big difference between Bark and other “Parental Control” software is that Bark allows your kids to have so much more privacy. It doesn’t show you everything they do, but sends an instant alert regarding any activity that might be concerning. Highly recommended!” — Bark Parent With Bark, you can help keep your kids safe both online and in real life. Try it out for seven days absolutely free! Our Family Online Safety Specialists are standing by to help answer any questions you may have. Email or visit to get answers and advice from the Bark Team. Terms of Use



  • Getting this app will rob your child of the chance to thrive in the real world.

    By Mudkip MadMan
    Getting this app is taking away privacy. Also, your child with loose relationships with their friends. No one will talk to them because they know their parent is watching. Getting this app will also not prepare them for the real world. You as a parent won’t always be able to protect your kid so better to let them learn how the real world is now before it’s to late. Let them make mistakes. Let them handle bullies, predators, and other bad people on their own so that they know how. I recommend life 360 because it doesn’t invade your privacy, it just lets u know where your child is and vise versa. That is way better than breathing down your child’s neck, stressing them out about what they say to their friends. We all know we talk differently to our friends than to our parents. PLEASE do not do this to your kid unless u want them to fail in life.
  • Not user friendly

    By ubers fraud charges
    Didn't even make it all the way through the setup before giving up on the free trial. Way too much just to set up on one phone let alone multiple phones for kids.
  • Difficult to maintain

    By StopDrivin
    This app works well if you don’t have an iPhone to monitor , I guess. I know that keeping the system running correctly has been beyond me and it also depends upon an existing iTunes account . I’m not tech savvy enough for this
  • Not user friendly

    By Amitoosh02
    Very difficult not user friendly
  • Misleading

    By wha+ +he
    Even though pictures show it works with Snapchat and TikTok….it does not
  • We’re in this together guys

    By LukeChance001
    I’ve been reading a lot of the reviews about this app from a kid’s perspective. I feel the exact same way. This app makes me feel like I am untrustworthy. It’s so stressful because bark will send alerts to my parents about the stupidest things. I understand that parents want to keep their children safe, and I respect that… but when you comprise your child’s trust in you as parents, your relationships with your children will begin to crumble. All your child needs is a little bit of trust and most of the time they do completely fine. As a 14 year old and as somebody who has also had this app forced into their lives, I feel like my parents think I’m untrustworthy. This is terrible.
  • Great idea. Filled with bugs

    By app reviewer 1010
    It’s a terrific concept. Our kids are in a dangerous world and get sucked in unknowingly. However, the implementation is just not there. I go through all the steps but the connections between the computer and devices continue to not sync. It’s way too much work. If the developer would fix the issues on their end before selling a service it would be a no-brained to get and recommend
  • just awful

    By nzdl67
    clunky horrible filters impossible to remove
  • It looks through your stuff

    By yhhuhefcbeqcby
    It reads you messages and send pictures to your parents even if I say something not even mean like block
  • Hacked

    By D0m02021
    I tried it for literally one day and by the night time k was being hacked due to.allowing the VPN to monitor my sons iPhone. I just aonhappen to be ul.atn2 I'm when j was getting alerts that people and countries I can't pronounce would like access to my account. 😩 the request stop I closed the VPN. On my sons phone and deleted the app. It's very scary, also my son makes his own email addresses up. I cant input data i don't know so that war the hard part for me as well as he has several roblux accounts, several til toks and snap chats. I'm trying to delete my profile now. Good app but not for us unfortunately.