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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 4.80291 stars based on 6865 reviews

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-01-13
  • Current Version: 31.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 281.48 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Developer: Scopely, Inc.

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Ah, the traditional four X’s of strategy: Explore, Expand . . . Exploit? Exterminate? Who wrote these? Yes, yes, there are many X’s to choose from, but we must demand only the finest X's. Introducing the world’s first ever 5X strategy game [insert trumpet fanfare] Kingdom Maker! Explore an enormous, medieval fantasy world of might and magic. Embark on heroic quests that deliver adventure, thrills, and laughs in equal measure. Engage with a royal cast of nobles, orcs, trolls, and more. Excel at the command of troops, cavalry, and war machines in spectacular RTS battles with unique tactics and strategies. Research new technologies. Forge and find powerful equipment. Raise huge armies and then collect mighty champions to lead them. Expand an ever-growing, ever-evolving noble family, and build your kingdom from humble origins into a dynasty worthy of legend. Spread your dominion across the world and guide the fate of the realm. Experience vast multiplayer alliances and engage in vital diplomacy, spy on enemies, or just hang out in chat and talk to friends all day–it’s your kingdom! Express yourself with unprecedented freedom. Customize your nobles’ appearance in every way, architect a unique layout for your fortress, and design an epic banner for your house. Kingdom Maker, the game with only one rule…yours!



  • Amazing

    By Teck9
    Great game and they improve all the time.
  • Game was good until it wasn’t

    By hrs2010
    I enjoyed playing this for well over 6 months until the second server merge I experienced resulted in my alliance being slammed nonstop by a much larger alliance, rendering the game unplayable. There is nothing you can do if players are griefing you, except quit. Nothing stops much larger players from hitting the smallest ones. And those larger players are usually the ones with the deepest pockets, so if you are a small, f2p player, you will be obliterated without recourse.
  • Too many bullies

    By Fynbos scuff
    There are too many bullies in this game, if they don’t do anything about that I will leave
  • ggs

    By hunterlinnell
  • Customer Support won’t answer questions

    By Devon Funk
    I joined the game exclusively to play with a group of friends but unfortunately my shard isn’t allowing shard transfers right now. I submitted a trouble ticket twice to ask the following questions: can I manually get moved, will I be allowed to transfer after shard transfers are allowed if I go to keep level 10, how long do I have to wait before shard transfers are allowed. Both times I asked these, I was told “sorry for the inconvenience but you can’t share transfer at this time as it is blocked on this shard.” Which doesn’t answer any of the questions. The solution my friends found on discord was to delete the app and account and keep making new ones until I’m on a shard that allows it. This is too much hassle and they aren’t answering my questions. I’m stuck at keep level 9 and can’t play because I don’t know if I will be restricted like on other accounts if I progress.
  • Very glitching & pushing spending to much

    By A aurora
    The game has a good concept but the excessive amount of glitches in the game are frustrating. The pop sale are far to frequent. The merge has destroyed the game for many 030 wasted to much time and money on this
  • Developers plz read

    By green tank gamer
    Ok so I had to quit the game because of toxicity and people sold OFs (only fans) so people can join there clan DEVS PLEASE FIX THIS. I would love to play without people like that so please make a better ban system or something like that -a player named love
  • Addictive for sure

    By Bend big
    One of my favorite games right now, this scratches the roleplaying as a king controlling armies itch that other games just can’t. New unlocks are always intriguing making u want to grind while the grind it self is not overly tedious and has fun in it to make it seem less grindy. Only critic is battle commands and ai, sometimes u don’t get much time to move your forces around pre battle and then the split up attacking multiple units when you just want them to stay together. If you could add a targeting system where u can chose who your units attack would make battles more fun and strategic. Otherwise amazing fun game definitely would share with friends.
  • Fun at times

    By IlliniOne
    This game can be fun to play…at times. However, the game is getting worse mechanically as the servers are horrendous. I cannot be on for more than ten minutes before I either freeze or get the boot. I know it’s coming as everything before then starts to slow down or get glitchy. It’s been getting worse the longer I play and I’ve got the most recent update. Next, if you want to grow and be relevant then you have to spend $. Not just a little, but a lot! Most packs are $49 or $99 and they will only get you a build or two before rss are gone. There is no good, functional way to help teammates with rss as you are limited in the amount you can send and the number of times (tributes) you can make at any one time. While mining for rss, which you have to do, when a mine is depleted you are not sent home like most games. Instead you have to manually recall them. This just leaves you open for attacks as there are too few rss mines available for everyone playing the game. Overall, unless you have a lot of cash I’d stay away from the game. The devs don’t seem to care or respond to anything anyway.
  • Turning into FarmVille

    By DiggyK
    Game was fun. But too many players whine about PVP so the developer is removing all the most fun parts of PVP. No more noble capturing after a battle, executions soon to go away. This game is basically going to be FarmVille even though the packs they sell are more for PvP. I don't think they understand their paying customers versus freeloaders.