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  • 刚来美不久,英文不好能不能多加点语言

    By 1123344iieieir
  • Great Game Overall

    By veresality
    “Arknights is a game where you gather up your catgirl army to defeat some sort of infected cultists” -Veresality This game is great, story is great, VA’s are amazing, and the way the game plays is unique, unlike most other tower defense games. This game does a great job at immersing the player in the world of arknights, and is actually a F2P viable game with the right strategies. I can’t really say anything negative about this game, as all of it is made with blatant passion. Great game 100/10 would play until death
  • The most in-depth gacha game there is

    By Surged55
    While it still has the inevitable flaws of a gacha game, arknights has the best gameplay regardless. The amount of depth and skill expression in the gameplay is immense, sometimes too immense for the average player. If you’re not afraid of using your brain, or don’t to have to whale, I recommend this game.
  • I think it is so great!

    By Add China
    This is a good game.please add more language:China!
  • Fun gameplay, good music.

    By Possibly a Human?
    Fun tower-defense gameplay accompanied by a banger soundtrack.
  • :)

    By BPDXD8
    Is just a good game, download now if you want to feel very special
  • Greedy gotcha

    By R1337535
    Get familiar with FOMO, fear of missing out, with this puzzle solving game masquerading as a tower defence. Don’t get your hopes up unless you’re willing to spend a lot of real money on a phone game. The community is toxic as well and whenever anything about the company being sleazy they always react by saying "it’s the shiniest of two turds" and "yeah well you should see what genshin is doing."
  • nian bean mofu mofu

    By BaIIsack DiIdo Man
    nian very cute. got her plushie extremely mofu mofu
  • Probably The Only Gacha Game I’ll Spend My Money On.

    By a Lame Otaku
    Wow, just wow. This game has all the things I’ve ever wanted in a game… Amazing Music, Spectacular PV animations, Beautifully Designed Skins, a Well-Crafted Story, Unique Strategic Elements, and the list goes on and on… This is probably the first Gacha Game that’ll come to my mind when I make a recommendation to a friend. The fact that you have to closely read skills, talents, and stats reveal an Operator’s worth, rather than their rarity makes it so ALL operators have some sort of viability. In addition to the Euphoria of completing a difficult stage… That feeling just makes you feel like one of those super intelligent MCs from anime. Honestly, I want to write down more amazing things about this game but I don’t want to take too much of your time. Honestly, just play the game for yourself. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Cannot recover my account

    By RYO-808
    I have attempted all login options but some how I'm not able to restore my account