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Fastic: Intermittent Fasting

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Say bye, bye to fad diets and start intermittent fasting with Fastic. WE'RE THE WORLD’S LARGEST FASTING COMMUNITY with over 25M users, so you’ll find the motivation and support you’re looking for. Look good, feel great and develop healthy habits with the expert-backed Fastic app. SO, HOW DOES IT REALLY WORK? Intermittent fasting has been shown to lead to SUSTAINABLE weight loss. That means you’ll get reconnected to your body for results that last. WHEN FASTING, your body enter ketosis, the body’s “FAT BURNING” process. You’ll have more energy during this time to do what you love, and lose stubborn fat at the same time! IS INTERMITTENT FASTING HEALTHY? Yes. The Nobel Prize-winning fasting method is safe and natural. Studies show that giving the body a short break from constant digestion gives vital organs a chance to rest, and even promotes CELL REGENERATION! IS THE FASTIC APP SUITABLE FOR ME? The app is great for beginners and fasting veterans alike. You won’t need to change your diet or restrict any groups of food. It’s super easy to integrate into your life! WHY INTERMITTENT FASTING? • Burns body's fat reserves • Slows down aging process • Promotes regeneration and detoxification • Can prevent diabetes and other diseases • Increases metabolism • Improves brain functions • Boosts health and energy • Sheds fat naturally and effortlessly • Helps lose weight without dieting • Avoids yo-yo effect • Avoids calorie-counting • No Low-Carb Diet • Compatible with keto-Diet & Juice fasting • Compatible with your fitness workout • safe for your overall health START INTERMITTENT FASTING WITH FASTIC • Fasting Timer • Body Status – Identifies and tracks key stages in your fasting journey • Step Counter & Activity-Tracker • Water Tracker – Logs your water intake and sends reminders • Continuous app development • Compatible with building muscle and weight training • Syncs with Health App BECOME PART OF THE FASTIC-PLUS COMMUNITY AND REACH YOUR GOALS EVEN FASTER • Recipe Book – Explore over 400 simple, delicious recipes • In-House Academy – Supports your journey with education • Daily Challenges – Help stay on track with motivating challenges • Weekly Challenges – Offer a variety of fun tasks to build healthy habits • Fasting Buddies – Connects you with friends • Social Media Channel – Inspires you and keeps you in the loop • Expert guidance to reach your goals faster • Valuable insights to monitor your progress • Daily schedule tailored to your needs LONG-TERM BENEFITS • Strengthen your immune system • Lose weight in the most natural and sustainable way • Consciously boost fat loss • Normalize your blood sugar level by stabilizing insulin levels • Detoxify your body through fasting-related cell-regenerating processes • Reduce or prevent allergies and inflammations —— Get full access to all the features and your personalized fasting plan including nutrition guide in the Fastic Healthapp with an in-app purchase. Premium memberships – Fastic PLUS: - 1 Month membership - 3 Months Membership - 6 Months Membership - Yearly membership - Payment will be made at the time of purchase confirmation via your App Store account - The premium membership will be automatically extended if you do not switch off the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the premium membership expires - Your account will be paid within 24 hours before the expiration of the premium membership your subscription package for renewal - You can manage your premium membership in your profile settings and turn auto-renewal on or off - You can not cancel a current premium membership in the already started term. - Possible free trial memberships expire when you order a paid premium membership - All personal information will be processed in accordance with the Fastic privacy policy Terms & Conditions: Privacy policy:



  • Ayunar es fácil

    By edburlar
    Las ventajas de esta aplicación, hacen que llevar un control del ayuno sea fácil.
  • Excellent app

    By Lady T 2023
    I really enjoy this app! It’s been very helpful! I highly recommend!
  • Compartir en familia

    By Pancho Bruni
    Esta app no se puede compartir en familia
  • Keeps me on track

    By MattD 85
    Fastic helps me keep up with my fasting times, and water intake. The app is very easy to use.
  • Keeps me accountable!

    By Gods_Pryncess
    I really love and appreciate this app!! It helps me so much and keeps me accountable. And being able to visually see my progress inspires me to keep going!
  • Great App

    By Harkat83
    I love Fastic. It helps me to keep track of my fasts and visualize my success everyday. I love seeing all the different phases my fast takes me through. Great app to keep you on track!!
  • Way too many ads / pop ups

    By awu02
    This was a great app that was social and gamified to start and now it’s way too ad heavy. Every time I log in , there’s an upsell no Matter how many times I X it out. Now I’ve uninstalled and am using another app. Literally just here to use the tracking feature. Stop making it so cluttered!!!
  • I just love this app!

    By DivaOli
    I just love it! Super easy to use and beautiful! The application is helping me to keep me updated and motivated. Gracias!
  • Great App

    By Jainet Jetson
    I love this app
  • Great accountability

    By MarieW22
    I started using Fastic when I started my fasting journey. I knew I would need something to hold me accountable. I get reminders when my fasting is over, when it’s time to fast and when I need to drink more water because I do forget about my water! Lol. It also lets me log in my weight. I use another app to log my food. It would be great if they had this feature. Awesome app!