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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-04-17
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 13.57 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.45455
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How To Download CalZones On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download CalZones on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

CalZones is a calendaring app built from the ground up to be savvy about managing timezones. It starts by letting you choose a list of the zones that are relevant to you and then all aspects of the app tailor themselves to making it easy to coordinate between those timezones. The main timeline view shows you a comparison of the time in each of your locations for quick reference. Below this timeline your events are laid out to give you an easy glanceable view of your upcoming events. Tap on any time shown to quickly create an event at the shown time and in the selected timezone. The calendar view provides a more traditional view to explore your events with. You can quickly jump to a particular day and see the events scheduled. Each event is expandable to see when the event is in each timezone, perfect for coordinating a meeting or call. The event creation view makes working out the time for a call super easy by giving you a time picker that is timezone aware and displays the chosen time across all your selected timezones. The Today Widget for CalZones provides two distinct modes. The compact view is a quick timezone converter utility, showing you the current time/date in your selected timezones. The expanded view provides the full functionality of the timeline right from your widget screen. you can browse your day's events or tap to create or edit events. On the Apple Watch Calzones provides a rich timezone conversion tool. Turn the Digital Crown to compare the time in your selected places. Then once you find the time you are looking for you can tap any of the locations to quickly create an event at the time shown, right from your Apple Watch! Swipe to the right to see a list of your upcoming events all shown in one place. (Requires an Apple Watch) CalZones also includes a comprehensive set of beautiful Apple Watch Complications. These include showing the current time, the daylight hours, the workday, or a classic Sun & Moon display. You can completely customize which location is shown with which display from the interactive configuration screen in your iPhone app. (Requires an Apple Watch) I hope you enjoy using CalZones and find it useful.



  • No longer works for me...

    By Bobby T.
    I downloaded this app to work as a digital time complication on the infograph screen and it worked great for some time. Now, for whatever the reason it updates much less frequently. As of now it’s more than 10 minutes off, and between loading this app on my watch or my phone it isn’t updating at all. I would guess this is a change on Apple’s end, but either way what was once a great complication is no longer working for me.
  • Very useful

    By DLL3000
    I regularly communicate with people in at least 6 time zones and multiple countries. This app is a great way to visualize how the times line up. When it first came out, it was showing me wrong information for the Mexican change between standard and daylight time, so I shelved it. I’m happy to say this is now fixed. (Maybe it was fixed a long time ago.)
  • Can’t select calendar

    By markdj
    Instant crash unfortunately, makes the app useless.
  • Disappointed

    By XChris1000
    Do not buy for Apple Watch complications. Sadly, complications do not update with current time. Developer says this is due to an Apple limitation in WatchOS. This may be true, but the App Store description does not disclose this, which is outright dishonest. More watch limitations: In InfoGraph modular, it only uses the large center slot. Cannot display complications in the smaller slots on the bottom. I wanted two small complications for bottom row. The app description did not make it clear that this is not possible in InfoGraph modular. (It can do this for the small slots in InfoGraph face, but not InfoGraph modular.)
  • Indispensable!

    By infinitely curious
    Thanks for making “chase the sun” work easier.
  • Works nicely

    By donperreault
    Great app. Works as promised. With a lot of different time zones it gets very hard to view on iPhone. Best viewed on iPad but helpful on iPhone as well. I would have given it five stars had it had iCloud support.
  • Indispensable for global jobs

    By Technologist at heart
    My job has me supporting team members, suppliers, and customers located around the world. Obviously scheduling meetings are even making phone calls becomes a logistical challenge. Is it to late? Is it to early? It gets worse when I’m traveling internationally and I need to coordinate from a different base time zone. CalZones instantly became indispensable for my job. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone who has even occasional needs to coordinate across time zones. Whether is core to your job like me or you have family, friends, or yourself traveling across time zones on holiday, CalZone is the perfect tool to simplify managing and coordinating across time zones.
  • World clock DIGITAL complications!

    By Sam_Marcus
    Finally - it exists! And it’s beautiful!
  • Amazing

    By Pfy42
    As a tech worker, I deal with a minimum of 9 different time zones a day. Used to use the (old, never-updated) TimeBuddy. This is much better! Finally :)
  • Best in class

    By Tomes247
    Smooth, beautiful, useful. None of these are words that I ever thought would describe a time zone app. But David Smith has done it again! I have family and friends spread out across several countries and this app makes checking when to contact them a breeze. David also sweated the small details. Switching between calendar and time zone view is smooth and visually appealing. Also, different shades on times appear depending on the time of day in that time zone. He is also really responsive to feedback, adding more cities within a week or so of my request. If you have family, colleagues, or friends abroad, just buy this app.