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  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2018-10-26
  • Current Version: 2.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 99.11 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
Score: 4.67935
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Tripsy is a trip planner that lets you share your travel itinerary with family and friends, receive flight alerts, store documents, sync everything with your calendar, and have wish lists of places to visit. Tripsy will help you plan your entire trip in one place and stay organized. WHAT EVERYONE IS SAYING: App Store Featured: “Making the most of your holiday time requires some planning. With Tripsy, that’s plain sailing. Enter flight times, hotels, and places you want to visit, then share your itinerary with your travel mates with a tap of a button”. MacStories: “Tripsy does what I’ve long wished for: offers a compelling trip planning experience in a modern app that takes advantage of iOS’ core technology strengths.” 9to5mac: “The app’s interface is extremely user-friendly, and it also offers data synching in the cloud, automation service, and Siri Shortcuts.” WITH TRIPSY YOU CAN: - Organize all your travel information (hotels, flights, trains, restaurants, notes, etc.) - Receive flight updates via push notification (gate changes, time changes, etc.) - Share your trip with friends and family - Sync all data with your calendar, so you won’t miss anything - Forward reservations to us, to import automatically into the app - Store images, notes, videos, and other files and share them with all guests - View everything in a map view, to get a sense of distance and where your favorite locations are - Customize your trip with background images or colors ORGANIZE ALL TRIP INFORMATION IN ONLY ONE PLACE: Add flight details, bookings, means of transportation, attractions, restaurants, tours, hiking, road trips, among other information. SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Tripsy allows you to share the whole itinerary of your trip with your family and friends, without any limits. Everybody can collaborate by adding new activities and updating existing ones. STORE IMAGES, NOTES, VIDEOS, AND DOCUMENTS: Now, you can store all your images, notes, videos, and documents and use them to create a travel journey, a memory to remember in the future, or anything you want to. You can also share them with guests. TRIPSY AUTOMATION Forward all your reservation emails to Tripsy, and get them organized for you automatically. You can send emails from more than 500 different providers (,, American Airlines, Delta, LATAM, GOL, TAP, United Airlines, and much more!) CALENDAR INTEGRATION You can sync all your trip data, activity information, dates, and times with your preferred calendar app now, so you won’t miss any important event. You integrate once, and it automatically updates it for you. MAPS INTEGRATION Have one-click access to Waze, Google Maps, Uber, Lyft, CityMapper, and more from any of your destinations. FLIGHT ALERTS: Tripsy keeps you up to date on your next flights by notifying you about: departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, and baggage claims. In addition, Tripsy can also send you a push notification alerting you to any changes that may occur. CUSTOMIZE YOUR TRIP WITH BACKGROUND IMAGES OR COLORS: You can customize your travel itinerary by choosing a background image or color that matches you and your trip. TIMEZONE: If you are traveling to places with different time zones, you can configure each activity with the time zone you want. This will make the organization of your trip more practical. EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL ITINERARIES: Your time is important, for this reason, Tripsy also provides suggestions of exclusive travel itineraries, with information and tips that ease your trip getting it as fruitful as possible. -- Tripsy is available for free, but we also offer a pro version called Tripsy Premium with unlimited trips, exclusive itineraries, cloud, documents and more. Premium is available in monthly and yearly subscriptions, and a lifetime purchase option is available. - View our Terms of Service at: - View our Privacy Policy at:



  • Lots of advanced features, few simple features

    By sfbdgjch
    I am a tripsy pro subscriber and while the app is really nice for advances features to help you track your trip, I cannot believe how many simple features were overlooked. Such as: Pictures - you can select a picture for the background of the trip page, why cant I just use one from my personal device? Several smaller parks in the US have nothing uploaded or pictures of other people uploaded. Why cant I simply use my own, or one from google? Generic time zone data - why cant I just pick a time zone name? Why do I have to pick an arbitrary city, and many cities aren’t listed? Get inspired page - I love that there are some options, but why can’t a search be implemented there? Just so I dont have to sort through so many if I know that I want one that’s listed? A separate tab for “someday” trips. It would be nice to organize planned trips with dates, plane tickets, etc and have a different page for all of my “someday” trips. A lot of those are just cool places I read about and while I may never get to see them it would be nice if they weren’t listed along with my more concrete future plans. I am currently a pro subscriber for the year so I will continue to use tripsy, and all of the other features they offer are genuinely convenient. But if these simple quality of life features aren’t available when my subscription needs to be renewed, I will be looking for other applications to use.
  • Misleading

    By natkp123
    The free trial will allow you to upload documents but then won’t allow you to access them without a subscription. Really fun getting to immigration and not being surprised and unable to pull up my documents 👎.
  • Incredible vacation planning machine!

    By gillalexsoph
    I am LOVING this app! We do extensive summer family vacations each year that require lots of planning and this app is amazing! I am able to put everything in from restaurants to flights and have it all in one place! I know this will be my go to from now on to plan all our vacations!
  • One of the better travel apps, but a lot of issues remain

    By Tlagilo’i
    I do a lot of travel to remote areas, and the flight database is incomplete. This would be fine but it’s both incredibly frustrating to manage a trip that spans multiple time zones and a lot of airports aren’t in the database, so you wind up having to not input the flight or say you’re flying into a nearby river. I’ve also never been able to get the email import to work.
  • Wish I Could Share Easier

    By sweetjg83
    This is a good app with a great UI but as it’s iOS only, I can’t continue to use it as I can’t easily share trips with Android users. It’s just not functional for collaboration across different OS. Android users can’t see the notes added to individual itineraries. Also, it would be great if this app had a packing list feature. I’d like to set specific items that my family need to pack so everything is in one place, and also create my own packing list (that I could keep private).
  • So close to being a great app

    By ajrietveld
    Really great for organizing trips. It’s great to be able to forward reservations and have things sucked in and parsed. But good luck trying to plan a road trip that spans multiple time zones. The default time zone should be based on the event that is being scheduled and not where the device is located or the time zone set when creating the trip. It’s as if they didn’t use the app at all to plan a road trip.
  • Love!

    By user763471883
    Was looking for a simple app to plan my itinerary for my trip to Europe. Although you have to enter things manually I didn’t mind and it didn’t take me very long. Everything is simple, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Makes things much easier than a travel app or your notes app. Would recommend if you don’t want something super complex and just want a basic layout of your trip.
  • Not seemingly better than Trip It

    By Jenfry13
    I will be honest. I bought the pro and am disappointed so far. The amount of emails that they can't parse informaiton is becomign quite a bit. I travel too much so individiually adding the information is not an option. If you travel once in a while that migh tbe fine, but not when you have a ton of trips. It wasn't even able to parse information from a delta receipt. This last receipt which has hilton information can't be parsed. As a consistent traveler, the information going directly to the app vs typing it in is critical. Disappointed and wondering if I can get a refund.
  • So much potential!

    By nathanacn
    I love the concept of having a digital planner that includes all the details of the trip. You’re able to add documents, edit the details of each event, import reservations, and everything you’d want! But the execution is terrible. The app has crashed on me a couple of times. Sometimes the keyboard will disappear in the middle of typing something out. The app gets slow and laggy at some points. And the import reservations feature doesn’t work more than half the time so I end up manually entering the details. Also, the user interface could be a lot more organized. I don’t like how I’m the itinerary, it only shows the start time of each event. I want to see a little more detail of each event when I click the itinerary. Love love the concept, the ability to add details, and the ability to personalize my itinerary - but the execution is poor!
  • Email forwarding simply doesn’t work…

    By schmogue
    This is a deal breaker for me. Every email I’ve forwarded will not input, and I get the “unrecognized” error message. Without this functionality, the app is simply unusable for me.