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Lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety, overcome fears, relieve pain, get better sleep, and so much more. All made possible with access to hundreds of meditations in the Tapping Solution App. You'll learn how to use Tapping (also known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques), to lead a happier and healthier life. Over 10 million sessions completed so far, ranging in length from 5 minutes (a quick session) to 20 minutes (to guide your deeper work). "Wonderful. Like someone turned off the anxiety switch." - Debbie, App member "This is one of the most calming and important tools in my mindfulness toolkit." -App member "I'm 46 and struggled with a racing mind at bedtime and anxiety my whole life. I'm shocked that as I do this before sleep, I feel like I got the deep, restorative sleep my body with fibromyalgia needs to heal." -Susie, App member Tapping has also been recommended by top doctors, therapists, psychologists, personal development experts, and mental health experts including Mark Hyman, M.D., Tony Robbins, Ruth Buczynski, Ph.D., Dawson Church, Ph.D., Brendon Burchard, Eric Leskowitz, M.D., and many others! Clinical Research About The App Published in A Top-Tier Journal: A research study was recently conducted on the Tapping Solution App's effectiveness of immediate reduction of psychological distress. The findings were that for both stress and anxiety sessions, the emotional intensity ratings difference between the start and end of sessions was statistically significant. These results offer preliminary evidence documenting the immediate effects of The Tapping Solution App in reducing psychological distress. Follow along effortlessly with Meditations designed for you to get lasting results. Topics include: * Lowering stress about: family, finances, health, politics, work, the world, and more * Sleep support for: insomnia, fall asleep faster, quiet your racing mind, and more * Releasing negative emotions such as: anger, anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, sadness, self-doubt, shame, and more * Relief from pain such as: arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, headaches, knee pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, and more * Supporting your body in healing from: allergies, colds, high blood pressure, inflammation, indigestion, tinnitus, TMJ, and more * Women's health support for: early motherhood, fertility, IVF, menopause, pregnancy, and more * Weight loss and body confidence support for: critical self-talk, eliminating cravings, getting back on track, and more * Sports performance: flow creator, injury recovery boost, get stronger, and more * Extended Sessions: healing your gut, healing the lungs, restless legs syndrome, tinnitus, and more * Support for children, military/veterans, and teachers. Subscription Pricing and Terms: The Tapping Solution offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription and an auto-renewing yearly subscription which allows you full access to all Tapping Meditations for as long as you maintain an active subscription. The Tapping Solution also offers a lifetime subscription, which is a one-time-only payment, giving you unlimited access to all of the tapping meditations inside the app forever. Prices are set in US dollars. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country. Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes account at the time of the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period end date, and the cost of the renewal will be listed. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. Read more about the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy here:



  • Wonderful tools!

    By Gameboymaniac
    I’ve been using the Tapping Solution app daily for a year and it’s been super helpful for managing my stress and refocusing my mindset. I tried other mediation apps but this one really works for me!
  • Disappointed with the change in tapping style

    By emmanuit
    I use to love the tapping solutions follow along meditations, however their new style is not effective for me. As someone with a neurodivergent brain , I found the repeat after me style amazing and life changing. Now most of their meditations, have you visualizing on your own as you tap or simply listen to them talk as you tap. This does not work for my neurodivergent brain… I can only stay present and focused on the issue if I follow along. This new style stresses me out instead of relaxing me as I fight to stay present with the issue. I just tried the meditation for stress around an upcoming event, and it was strange. You just listened to her speak as you tapped. Really wish you would include more of the new style and label them as such! I’m frustrated when I start the meditation and find out it’s this strange style. I really love Jess and Nick and believe their work is invaluable for the world- I just want to bring to their attention this new style is just not effective for everyone.
  • There’s no ‘free’ trial

    By OCH3
    They funnel you directly to a paywall. You have to sign up for their program $90+ for a year. If you accept this you get a week to try it out for a week.
  • Love

    By AmericaFirst2021
    Great app.
  • Life changing!

    By mariannepearson84
    Meditation was always something I struggled with, my racing mind just never wants to stop, with tapping that changed. So happy I found this app. It has given me tools to coupe and process and feel better about situations that once would completely destroy me in the past. I am not recommended at lest trying this to see if it also may work for you.
  • Highly recommend

    By Froggie7676
    This app has reduced my stress immensely. It is also easy to fit into my day with tapping sessions from 2 minutes to 11 minutes.
  • Excellent App that is convenient to most situations in life

    By Psychic Andrea
    I’m a premium member. I love this program and Jessica’s voice is so smooth and confident. Nick is great with a wonderful soothing voice and it works!
  • Everyone Should Have This App

    By Alyssa the Stray
    I don’t have a lot of time to write this because I need to get to my tapping but this app has been amazing for me. I knew about EFT before and it was the most effective thing in helping me get through PTSD. But I usually didn’t make time for it and had a hard time motivating myself to do it. Now I use this app almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I notice a huge difference when I use this app for tapping—my stress levels go down almost every session, and the more sessions I do, the more effective they become. I’m a very sensitive and emotional person so my emotions are often at a 10. Using this tapping method used to only bring me down 1-3 points from a 10, so down to a 7 sometimes. Now, the sessions can bring me down 4 points from a 10 to a 6 pretty often! Maybe one day I can even get down to a 0! I am becoming a calmer and more self-assured person and I know that this practice has a lot to do with that. It also helps me sleep a lot better, fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.
  • Understanding & Freeing the chains

    By mlanning
    Tapping has guided me to areas in my being that we’re blocked; stuck. Recognizing and acknowledging them gave me the opportunity to release them and let the energy flow properly again. I am grateful for this app and what it has taught me & continues to teach me.
  • Beautiful functional app that works

    By yumapam52
    I’ve been meditating, paying thousands of dollars over the years to feel better from adrenal fatigue, hashimotos, and other symptoms. While meditation has pulled me through a deep suicidal depression to just getting through the day. I haven’t felt more whole, happy, calm, and confident that I will truly overcome my illness when I started tapping a few weeks ago. I already knew the body could heal but still carried the cortisol that I couldn’t release in meditation or breath work like tapping has done for me. And knowing that reducing cortisol is huge in healing and being able to tap throughout the day quickly or longer tap sessions is awesome! I listen to Nick’s healing through sleep every night and I’m in the 3rd week of healing autoimmune. And I’ll listen to a micro boost to throughout the week. Oh! I also lost 3 pounds the first couple weeks without changing anything I attribute that to cortisol release. The app is so beautifully done. You can choose your background and music. There are hundreds of scenarios you can tap to. joining the FB group is helpful in learning about those. I also find it soothing to hear I’m going to be ok, my body knows what to do, sometimes I forget or need to be reminded. Yes you need to purchase the premium to have access to all the cool features but it’s only $12 a month and worth so much more!!!!