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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Sports

Price: Free

Rating: 2.65327 stars based on 199 reviews


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  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2018-10-16
  • Current Version: 1.12.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.16 GB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Developer: TruGolf

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*Supported iOS devices: iPad Pro Gen. 1 or newer or iPhone 8 or newer. E6 CONNECT may not run well on older or weaker devices such as the iPad Air or Mini devices.* E6 CONNECT is the highest-quality and most lifelike and customizable golf simulator ever created. The game offers full tee-to-green simulation, world-class golf courses, a full suite of Pitching, Chipping, and Putting Ranges, Swing Analysis, Mini Games, and more! ***** E6 CONNECT Requires a Golf Simulator or Launch Monitor to use ***** E6 CONNECT Features: -Local Multiplayer -Several Modes of Play -NEW! Events - Online Tournaments -Player Profiles & Statistic Tracking -Shot Replays -Peer-to-Peer Connectivity -Adjustable Stimp Rating -Atmosphere Settings -Adjustable Green and Fairways -Flexible Putting Options and Gimmes -3D Recreations of 100+ World-Class Courses -18+ Driving, Pitching, Chipping, and Putting Ranges



  • Good graphics, but you can’t put clubhead speed on the main screen during driving range

    By Mojobaby7
    I like this app, but you should be able to put clubhead speed on your main screen. Other golf apps, such as the Garman app you can click on the box and put whatever you want in there. They should take a look at awesome golf and make their screen somewhat similar without copying it verbatim.
  • Avoid with SkyTrak

    By Once great
    Purchased in end of 2022. Worked well for a few months until the latest update. Putting has a bug where the spin from your last shot carries over and your putt rolls backward twice as far as you hit it. Low shots into the bottom of the screen crash the game. It's been unplayable for over a month and no fix. $600 a year for no support. Just put the previous version back in the App Store!!
  • Great courses, poor graphics

    By Gkimball07
    The selection of courses is good, but the graphics leave a lot to be desired when using an iPad & R10. Awesome Golf graphics have been updated and are superior to e6. If e6 updates their graphics, I’ll continue to be a customer and if not, I plan on moving on once my subscription ends.
  • No longer works

    By K. Awe
    Have the latest version on my iPad Pro and crashes on the load screen
  • Inferior to Awesome Golf

    By WisePapaSmurf
    I came in with high hopes of a photorealistic experience with better simulation than awesome golf. This half-delivered. The graphics were the best an iPad could do and the picture was just difficult to read. The simulation experience was more "real" than awesome golf (ball bounces, etc.) but it didn't translate to being fun. Both my friend and I agreed, this just kept getting worse hole after hole. It was not engaging. For being 5x the price of awesome golf, it's an overall worse experience. 2/5.
  • Not Amazing But Fairly Serviceable

    By EpicGamer4651
    This app works solidly with my Mevo plus, and it’s always good to get a quick 18 in throughout the evenings especially. However, I do have a bit of a problem with the autoputt system, and also with the ai opponent. The autoputt system would greatly benefit from being based off of either handicap or average putts. My handicap on the app is a +5.7, but the autoputt still putts for me like a 10 handicap, which gets rather frustrating very quickly. Also, it doesn’t only work for putting. I’ve autoputted out of the fairway, rough, and even several bunkers. This system definitely could use some refining. For the AI opponent, firstly this is an amazing idea, and something I practice against very often. However, it could stand to be a lot more realistic. When it has an approach shot that isn’t a wedge, it often ends up close to 50 yards short, and wedges are always working 6 feet. Also, it 1 putt autoputts every time (I have it on hard). A better auto putting system for it and better approach game, while a lot less spin and hole-outs from short range could greatly benefit the system. Finally, I’ve seen some reviews that say it doesn’t connect to mevo plus well. Guys, if it doesn’t connect automatically you literally just follow the instructions and manually connect to the Wi-Fi for the monitor from settings.
  • Keeps getting worse

    By Megakarl99
    Using with SkyTrak, seems like every update brings new problems to work around. Most recent update is putting around 3-5000rpm of backspin on putts. Unreal. For what the software costs per year to use, it’s insane we have to put up with this every few months. I won’t be renewing my sub, I’ll stick with the SkyTrak app until I can afford a pc setup to run better software
  • Crashes a lot in middle of round

    By dwatkins007
    Version crashed 5 times yesterday when my two buddies were playing on it. Please load a fix onto the apple store
  • Don’t Use with Skytrak

    By Kh091
    Terrible. Use PC or get something else. 1) If you are using iOS with iPad or iPhone, it will kill your battery. I have a brand new iPad and I can barely play a round with two players on 100% battery. You must need a computer to use this software to make sure you get through a round. 2) iPads don’t allow you to charge your iPad while using the app. 3) It will stop registering during a round for no reason. I can connect via the skytrak and use it’s apps but for some reason e6 doesn’t want to work from time to time. Of note, I have great internet speed, this is strictly an app issue.
  • Trash

    By GatsbyTheGood
    Trying to setup SLX Microsim to E6 but I can’t create a profile because it keeps telling me that email or password I am using to create the account, TO CREATE THE ACCOUNT, is wrong…Error Code 4001…WTF??