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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2018-09-25
  • Current Version: 22.10406.0.9050
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.58 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.31232
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Update : The App performance has been significantly improved & there are also a ton of other features which have been added. Check out the “What’s new” section for more details!! Microsoft Whiteboard provides a freeform intelligent canvas where individuals & teams alike can ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud. Designed for touch, type & pen, it lets you write or draw as smoothly as you would with ink, you can even type in text, add sticky notes or notes grid to express your ideas & use reactions to visually communicate your thoughts. It enhances teamwork by allowing all team members to edit the canvas in real time, no matter where they are. Get started quickly by inserting a pre-built template or draw your own flowchart using our expansive shapes library. No matter what your use case, we have the right set of tools for you and all your work stays safe in the cloud, ready to be picked back up from another location or device. -- Create freely, work naturally – Microsoft Whiteboard provides an infinite canvas where imagination has room to grow: draw, type, add a sticky note or a notes grid, move them around – it’s all possible. The touch-first, pen-first interface frees your ideas from the keyboard, and the intelligent inking technology transforms your doodles into great-looking shapes and lines that can be copied, pasted and combined with other objects. Moreover, you can also, ink on your sticky notes & text boxes and magically see the ink get converted to text using Apple Scribble functionality (on iPads with Apple Pencil). --Collaborate in real time, wherever you are— Microsoft Whiteboard brings every member of a team together working from their own devices across the globe. On the Whiteboard canvas, you can also see what your teammates are doing in real time and start collaborating on the same area. It’s about getting everyone on the same page – or board. --Save automatically, resume seamlessly – Forget having to take photos of your whiteboards, or marking them with “Do Not Erase.” With Microsoft Whiteboard, your brainstorming sessions are saved automatically to the Microsoft cloud, so you can pick up where you left off, whenever – and wherever – inspiration strikes next. What’s new: • Improved App Performance & Reduction in crashes which has been a strong customer ask. • Modern look and feel: 1. Streamlined user experience - an unobtrusive app UI maximizes your canvas space. 2. Creation gallery - a highly discoverable, simple way of finding and using objects and features in the application. • Interactive content features: 3. 40+ customizable templates – get started quickly and collaborate, brainstorm, and ideate with brand new templates. 4. Shapes & Lines - Choose from an expansive library of shapes & lines to visually collaborate & ideate with your team members 5. Reactions - provide lightweight, contextual feedback with a set of fun reactions. • Inking features: 6. Apple Scribble – Ink on text boxes & sticky notes and see your ink strokes magically convert to text (on iPads with Apple pencil) 7. Ink arrows – smoothly draw single and double-sided arrows using ink to better facilitate diagramming.



  • Is this a webview?

    By BenJetson
    This app does not have a native feel on iOS. It runs so slow and handles the pencil so poorly I am suspicious it is a wrapper of the web app.
  • A great product plagued with bugs and a lack of resources

    By bilguuna
    Microsoft Whiteboard is one of my most favourite products from Microsoft - great features and excellent integration with the company’s other services. However, the iPad app is doomed with bugs and errors, which demonstrates the fact that the app was (and still is) an afterthought - a mere attempt to make the product cross-platform, but nothing more. The app sort of supports the Apple Pencil but also does not. When using my Pencil to draw something and then using my finger to move the canvas around, it (ingeniously) registers it as a pen-stroke. The double-tap to switch to eraser functionality (which is supported by many third-party apps made by right-minded people, let alone Apple’s first-party apps) is non-existent here. The app frequently freezes and crashes for no apparent reason. The list goes on and on. I had installed this app a year ago (coming from Windows and hoping to have a similar experience), but it was practically unusable. A few days ago, I installed it again, hoping Microsoft paid a little more attention (after all it has been a whole year!); it is a little bit better: it is somewhat usable - but things could have been much better. I understand that there is a great team behind this app working diligently to improve it, but I genuinely wish Microsoft had been a little more considerate and provided the necessary resources. Microsoft, please do not drag down your company image and user satisfaction with frustrating inconveniences like this! Overall, it is a good product, but just not so great on iPad. It is possible that things might get better over time, but until then, I will leave 3 stars on the App Store.
  • Good nice

    By nine out of 10
    Very good very nice
  • Whiteboard review

    By VGMJS
    I love this app. But the only problem is that I have to login every time I get into the app.

    By badkitty_
    UPDATED REVIEW: What has Microsoft done?! How do you take a terrific app and screw it up?! Apparently, Microsoft has found the way. Every time I try to erase part of a line or a small piece of a line, this app now erases the entire line! There is no way to only erase part of a line. If there is such a way, Microsoft has buried it so thoroughly that I cannot find it in any of the help documents. It was also this awkward business about me having to go through my five Microsoft accounts and figure out which one connected to my drawings since for reasons unknown Microsoft signed me out. Fairly useless if you use this for any type of drawing unless you want to lose HUGE portions of your drawing every time you want to erase a tiny bit of it. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Despite current limitations, I love it. P.S.—It DOES support Apple Pencil Microsoft Whiteboard is a truly infinite whiteboard that works with the Apple Pencil. I use it with my Apple Pencil 2 and 2018 iPad Pro 12.9”. The controls are very intuitive and the app is easy to figure out and use so you can hit the ground running. It is a joy to brainstorm on the infinite canvas, move a sticky note, and erase or save or undo. I have not experienced any lag with my pencil. The downside is that if you want to collaborate with anyone on a whiteboard, you currently must either be an Office 365 Business admin or have a commercial account. You cannot share using your personal Microsoft account (like your Skype log-in) nor will it work with Office 365 Home or Personal. —NOTE and ETA added on Aug. 4 2019: The devs left me a note saying I can invite people now using my personal MS account. I only see a web link share option, though, and anyone with access to that web link can view it. It doesn’t allow me to invite an individual as far as I can tell. Since OneNote eventually became free, we can hope that similar features will trickle down and maybe all of us will be able to eventually collaborate using this amazing whiteboard. I also hope for a macOS app, although with a web interface maybe it is not needed. Would be nice if Apple integrated Pencil support into MacBook Pro trackpads, but now I’m just dreaming. You can share the final image via iCloud but only as a png image to a shared album. There are options available to export it to various apps but not back in to Whiteboard (in case you send it to someone and they want to open it in Whiteboard, that is not currently possible, to my knowledge.) It is great for use on your iPad as a brainstorming tool as it is so easy to use! I hope more collaboration options appear for those of us with free, personal Microsoft accounts. NOTE to devs on Aug. 4 2019: I see an option to turn on sharing via a web link, but it states anyone with access to that link can access it. I still do not see a feature to invite individual participants. Am I missing something? ETA: Please add an option to DELETE Whiteboard canvases, not just clear them or leave them. I feel odd clearing a Whiteboard canvas and then leaving it so that it disappears from my list of active Whiteboards and is just floating out there in space somewhere :o Also, please add the option to name the untitled Whiteboard from within the Whiteboard canvas. Once I exit the canvas, it is easy to get it confused with other canvases. Thanks!
  • Doesn’t Save

    By NymphaeaceaeX
    Spent about 3hours today writing down notes I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. Then I went to work and come back and nothing I SAVED is there anymore, and everything is scrambled. I capitalize “save” because I hit the save button on everything. Even went to the home icon and tapped into another file. Everything was still there before I left for work. Both of them are distorted now and have no texts from what I saved before, which is really frustrating considering that was 3hours of brainstorming. Wish there was a way to recover it. 🙄
  • Feature Parity

    By Zach31
    There needs to be more seamless connection and experience when transitioning between different devices. Right now, it’s too fragmented, but has great potential. There’s been a long standing bug that causes the screen to jump to a different part of the canvas when I’m switching pens or resting my palm back down on the display. It’s so irritating that I gave up using it because I couldn’t quickly pick up my iPad and just write my students’ next set of instructions. I’ll change my review when (and if) this gets fixed….
  • 好在足够延展

    By hbbfffghjki
    除了总卡之外 都不错 还没找到其他替代。
  • Unusable with Apple Pencil

    By aleker
    This is the worst implementation for using an Apple Pencil I’ve ever seen in an app. The palm rejection is horrible.
  • almost perfect

    By jp-pastor
    Working pretty well until I put my palm on it (iPad Pro 11) the pencil button unselects automatically, and then whether I lift my palm or leave it, and try to click the pencil button again to re-engage it it shifts/jumps the zoom level and moves my screen somewhere random… please fix, and it would be amazing