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  • Lovely soundtracks!

    By Esteban Febres-Cordero
    I just love playing this game with my earphones on.
  • Ads

    By MrPoush
    Game has banner ads, with no way to remove them.
  • I may be autistic but I still love this game

    By Lego Ralph
    I only love the game for its art when you complete it my autistic brain kinda wants me to be dumb.
  • Glitch caused puzzle to zoom way out

    By Jared Press
    I am 75% of the way through the collection, and all of a sudden the whole puzzle got super tiny! Now, every level is only about an inch squared. it happened in the middle of a level, and now all puzzles are unplayable. Is there a fix? how do I go back??
  • Almost Perfect

    By Ignifer
    This is an excellent Nonograms game; the puzzles range from very easy to exceptionally hard, with a good difficulty curve that makes me feel like I learned a lot about how to solve these kinds of puzzles. The one annoying thing is that the big multi-part puzzles are time gated. I was hoping that’d change when I completed all the normal puzzles, but it didn’t, which means I have to remember to come back to it every few hours if I want to beat it.
  • Easily one of the best free games

    By TheMawg
    I got super excited because I was 99.6% when I got home. Did the last two puzzles and was greeted with a lovely congratulations screen! But what’s this? Now I can replay everything to beat my time or there’s an expert mode now too? I thought I was done and could move on with my life, but it doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards. I’ll be back to update this review should I ever beat expert mode. Not sure I will since the game found my strats and disabled them.
  • Incredibly fun, but with one problem

    By Really FIFA
    I’ve been having a great time playing this game for hours and hours and have never really gotten bored with it. If I have about 5 minutes, I’ve usually been sitting down and completing a puzzle. However, my one problem, and it’s one that’s particularly popped up now that I’m 96% complete with the game, is the recharge time for boss puzzles. It’s now at the point where the only puzzles left to complete are boss puzzles and having to wait 3 hours each time is pretty annoying. Maybe instead either the timer could be dropped to 2 hours or a normal square could become a boss puzzle square after you complete all of the available normal puzzles for it. Either way, the game has still been a blast and it’s more of a minor gripe than a major design issue, but still probably worth considering updating.
  • Nice puzzles; very few ads

    By JoeyDaSmith
    Almost no ads for a free puzzler game. It’s a good one
  • My favorite version of picross!!

    By Sigue24
    This game is amazing. I’ve just hit 100% and now working to completing the expert level puzzles again. I do wish there were a paid version either maybe more puzzles but this is hands down so much fun and I need a sequel!!
  • This game would be AMAZING if not for the ads

    By Yoshiplayr
    I wish they offered a paid version of this app. I’d gladly drop a few dollars on it to keep if from pulling ads and displaying them.