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  • Release Date: 2018-09-21
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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS WHERE WE PUT THE EMBARRASSING GIBBERISH THAT'S ONLY FOR ASO. Discover daily mindfulness and meditation with Sam Harris—neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author—and explore the theory behind meditation practice. Daily guided meditation sessions, lessons on zen, the stoic path, on-demand mindfulness sessions, as well as a practice timer will build your understanding, balance your mind, make your practice shine, and help turn meditation into a new habit. For inquiring and curious minds, learn the related science, philosophy, and ethics in short audio lessons with Sam and through his extended conversations with other influential meditation teachers, scientists, and scholars. 4 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD WAKING UP: - Guided meditation practice to take you deeper: You can reduce stress, sleep better, and improve your relationships, but the real purpose of meditation is to understand yourself and realize you are not your thoughts. - Theory to help you understand mindfulness: Explore the theory behind meditation practice, including over 400 lessons and conversations on nonduality, enlightenment, zen, stoicism, Dzogchen, Advaita, and more. - Daily mindfulness reminders: Listen to short audio reflections from Sam Harris to help you stay present in your daily life. - Free meditation trial for 7 days: Learn how to meditate, listen to lessons and conversations with mindfulness teachers, and build your meditation habit. DOWNLOAD WAKING UP AND ENJOY ALL THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: - Guided meditation: Practice sessions for morning, day, or evening meditation. Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced meditators alike. - Introductory Course: A progressive, introductory course that will teach you the basic principles of mindfulness meditation, along with more advanced practices. - Daily meditations: After completing the Introductory Course, you will continue your practice with our growing catalog of daily meditations. - Lessons: Listen to short talks on science, philosophy, and the nature of mind. - Guided Conversations: With a wide range of teachers, scholars, and scientists. - Meditation timer so you can track and monitor your progress. - Support for Family Sharing. The primary account holder can add up to 5 family members. - Integration with Apple Health app, adding Mindful Minutes in the Mindfulness category. ABOUT SAM HARRIS Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times best sellers, including Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, meditation, moral philosophy, religion, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live. Sam has practiced meditation for over 30 years and has studied with many Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, and Western meditation teachers, both in the United States and abroad. He received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA. PRICING INFO This pricing is for our customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary. Your subscription to Waking Up will automatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can turn off auto-renew or manage your subscription from your Apple account settings. Payment will be charged to your Apple account. You can read more about our terms of service here: https://wakingup.com/terms-of-service/ and our privacy policy here: https://wakingup.com/privacy-policy/.



  • Multiple steps to delete account

    By jimcrutch
    Had I known this before I would not have created an account.
  • Good but could be better

    By martinikun
    SORRY FOR THE FORMATTING THE APP STORE DELETES MY PARAGRAPH BREAKS: The first two months with this app blew me away and I was really excited about this journey. After two months, I started to really notice the repetitive phrases Sam uses over and over in daily meditations; specifically, his exhortation that all sensations are all just “appearing in conciousness”. Every. Dang. Day. Yes. We get it. But if that hasn’t clicked for us the first 60 times we hear this exact phrase, maybe use some different language? Vary it up a bit? It’s gotten to the point that whenever I hear “appearing in consciousness” during the guided meditations, it now feels meaningless and even slightly annoying, and pulls me out of whatever kind of meditative state I may be in. Simile and metaphor would be helpful here—try saying the thing in a different way. Also, because of the repetition, I am sometimes genuinely unsure if this is a new daily meditation or the exact same one from a few weeks ago, which can feel a little canned. I also find that, because the daily meditations are for all audiences, people of different experience levels may not get the same benefit out of the dailies. For example, I’d usually rather do simpler practices that just keep me focused on breath work. There aren’t many options for that, because Sam seems to mix in somewhat higher-level practices that don’t seem appropriate for someone who can’t even count to ten breaths without getting distracted. These more abstract or advanced dailies feel too advanced without a strong base to build on and most people simply won’t be there yet. I’d really like to see a “beginner’s daily” which would be usually just basic vipasana, and then an “intermediate daily” (maybe unlocked after 6 months?) where you can choose to delve more into the non-dual aspects of the practice. I am absolutely fascinated by the non-dual possibilities of meditation but with Waking Up I don’t feel like the basics are being addressed adequately first. Finally, Sam keeps promising guest guides for the daily meditations; twice in the past six months some guest has come on and led the meditation, then never reappeared. These guest leaders would definitely address the increasingly monotonous repetition that currently makes me unlikely to re-up my subscription for another year. Sam has a good thing here but, despite his credentials as a scientist and thinker, his credentials as a spiritual teacher prove shaky with long exposure. This app is an intriguing look at what spiritualism could look like in the digital age but its revelations are short-lived and fade fast; more variety is badly needed in the core offering, the daily meditations. I will say, on balance, I do get a lot of benefit out of the other guest meditations and I use those as well as listen to the conversations; these give the app deeper value beyond daily meditations.
  • Real - Useful - no nonsense

    By Furiati
    Excellent App to train your mind and improve your life experience
  • Waking Up: A Pragmatist’s Meditation App of Choice

    By Charlie Revord
    After sitting a 10-day Vipassana retreat, I walked away from the experience with both a clear understanding of what insight means as well as renewed distaste for the seemingly dogmatic side of the retreat. If you are someone that is in the search for a meditation app that is free from cynical corporatism and unverifiable dogmatism, I can confirm this is the tool of choice. The platform is a hub for concise meditation instruction, discussions with known teachers and mindfulness experts, and recordings on theories of mind. I bought a lifetime subscription and have already got my money’s worth. I cannot recommend the app enough.
  • Fantastic

    By moingew46
    Amazing and unique content you can’t find anywhere else. Topics and conversations around vital themes concerning life and being. Terrific customer support!
  • Completely life changing

    By Camelorgy
    If you’re going to put in the work (non-work?) here, your life will fundamentally be better for it. You have to make an actual effort though.
  • Meditation without the magical thinking

    By Alloom
    Straight theory and brilliant meditation practices and exercises without being steeped in any form of mysticism or superstitious spiritual. This modern, insightful approach allows the meditator to infuse the meaning and translate the experience for themselves.
  • Sometimes mindfulness is all you need

    By verse187
    Meditation has become my gate to peace and calm as of late. Thank you Sam Harris.
  • Sam, who are you talking to?

    By Dedwarmo
    If the self is an illusion, what is happening when I’m listening to Sam speak? Is communication possible when both parties are having a “non-dualistic” experience?
  • Not what I expected, in the best way

    By Blehhhhh619
    I really thought most meditation apps were the same before coming across waking up. I’ve head of Sam Harris before from seeing him on podcasts that I follow like Lex & Tim Ferris, but I only recently stumbled across a full interview of his where the app was mentioned. It’s so good, really makes you think about meditation, mindfulness, and the self on a much deeper level. The app itself is also beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Highly recommend!