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Healthy eating is now easier than ever with the RecipeIQ app! How? Most recipes don’t include nutrition facts, which makes it hard to meet dietary guidelines. Luckily, our recipe analyzer reveals nutritional values for conscious home cooking so you can create healthy recipes. From creative foodies and cooks to dieters and diabetics – whatever your diet, allergy, or nutritional goal, this is a must-have tool for your kitchen. The RecipeIQ nutrition calculator will help you stay conscious of what you eat every day and will help you make healthier choices. By recognizing the importance of a healthy balanced diet, you will start to learn about your body and the nutrition it needs. RecipeIQ is free to download and has in-app purchases for access to all features. Get the Facts Right Add recipes from an online source, scan them from a cookbook or magazine, or even add your own healthy recipes. The app will then calculate all the nutritional facts you are looking for: • Calories • Fat • Sugars • Carbohydrates • Sodium • Protein • Fiber • And More… Add, Switch, Save! This easy-to-use recipe calculator will help transform your home cooking in 3 simple steps: Add: Snap a photo of any recipe, paste a link to an online recipe, or enter the information of your own recipe manually. This recipe calculator will automatically generate the ingredients and nutrition facts. Switch: Edit or add ingredients to suit your dietary specifications or preferences and create healthy recipes. Save: Review the updated nutritional info to ensure compatibility with your dietary needs. Name the recipe something you will remember and add a picture to it – this will remind you of how great the meal was so you cook it again in the future. The more favorites you save, the easier healthy eating will become, as you build your own personalized virtual cookbook in your recipe calculator. Now just go to the View mode, and cook with confidence! You can access your recipes whenever, wherever. Want to go all the way to super healthy mode? Make use of our new features! Menu Feature: Create your meal plan for the day and calculate the nutritional value for all the recipes together. Sub Recipes: Save your homemade sauces and toppings in RecipeIQ and add them as sub recipes to your meals. Reverse Nutrition: Determine which ingredients contribute to each nutritional component. Where is the fat coming from? Why is there so much sodium? Now you can get the answers. Want to go ad-free and have access to all the features? Choose our Premium Plan. It’s New! Upgrade now: Monthly subscription - $3.99 Annual Subscription - $29.99 One-time purchase - $99.99 Try out the Premium features with our 30 day free trial and cancel anytime. Find us on social media for healthy recipe inspiration and nutrition tips! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:



  • Useless if I can't print the recipes

    By wojo364
    My granddaughter is Type 1 Diabetic. I had hoped to be able to enter recipes so I would know how to correctly dose her insulin. But I can't even print the recipes out, or forward them to be able to print.
  • A must have for weight loss and WW especially

    By pod v 06010
    I’ve been struggling with weight loss for years but recently got on the WW grind. This app is a MUST for anyone trying to lose weight especially if you’re on WW. Being able to screenshot recipes and get a WW points total seconds later is amazing. This helps me figure out what the actual healthy recipes are.
  • Excitement turned to major frustration

    By chefginibee
    I tried using this app for one recipe from a photo. 1 1/2 pounds of leeks showed up as 15 pounds of chicken (and the app wouldn’t let me change it to leeks). There were multiple other mistakes, but the hassle of correcting all of them made it totally not worth it.
  • Good concept. Lil tweaking needed

    By bluesmom81
    I’m a label reader! Oddly enough I enjoy figuring out the nutritional values. A friend asked for help on healthier meals and I thought his would be a great place to create original personalized recipes and share the ingredients/ nutritional info. Unfortunately the app does not allow sharing or copying. I also found some of the foods are way over the calories or just not available. There is a place to add new foods and input all the info yourself. If I could share or copy recipes I would definitely purchase. If your new to healthy choices this is a great lil personal recipe book if you don’t mind double checking the values.

    By jackman, maine
    App often freezes, does not pick up data correctly from recipe links, flat out crap. You’ll need to double check data collected when copying/pasting recipes to be calculated. Things like quantities are crucial to calculation yet this app routinely screws it up besides the wrong ingredient altogether. You would be better off using a calculator
  • Very Nice App

    By Chris776
    I have had good luck with this app and entering my home cooked recipes. It is very easy with either taking a photo of the ingredients or entering the website. Very Impressive! I do wish it would be made into at the least an ipad app or mac app. I find it difficult to use on my iphone - it's too small. I will continue to use this app and did buy the year subscription. I hope they consider an ipad version it is worth it. I wanted to add a downside is you cannot see the entire line of the item for which you are searching which is very inconvenient. In order to properly calculate you need to have all of the information.
  • Easy to use but inaccurate

    By slcanep
    I was very excited about this app and thought it would help calculate nutrition values to manage type 1 diabetes. But I began to be suspicious about the values I was getting compared to my own calculations from the ingredient label, they were way off! I contacted the company and to their credit they engaged in a lengthy email exchange regarding the problem. But ultimately they argued with me and told me I was doing it wrong and did not correct the errors. I would not recommend this app because the nutrition values are wrong! I would love an easy to use app that had accurate values to help manage my diabetes.
  • Pretty close and easier to use...

    By Poor puppy
    I’ve tried a couple apps for calculating nutritional info. This one is pretty accurate when compared to the WW app. Within a few calories and points are calculated correctly most every time (or are pretty close...if it’s off, look at what you have entered). I like it for the ease of entry compared to the WW calculator; the Instanutrition and others I have tried. I’m primarily typing in the ingredients...I know you can snap a picture, edit the photo and do a couple things and it will calculate...but once you get use to it, it’s pretty easy and quick to just enter by hand. Thanks!
  • User Friendly but not Comprehensive

    By Jess__K
    This app is super easy to use and offers multiple, easy ways to calculate a recipe. However, it only calculates calories and macros. It would be nice to have more details around sugar and fat. Searching ingredients can also be kind of frustrating, many are very technically named or hard to search- arborio rice for example is "rice, short grain, whole"and SKUs can't be scanned to avoid this which is annoying. If you can accept a general idea of your nutrition, it's a great app!
  • Where’s the fiber ?

    By Celine skywalker
    Would love to see the fiber calculation on my recipes, but it doesn’t prove that info.