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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Health & Fitness

Price: Free

Rating: 4.58043 stars based on 18133 reviews

MindSpa by Synctuition

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Download MindSpa by Synctuition For Chromebook

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2016-12-14
  • Current Version: 4.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 150.87 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Developer: Synctuition OÜ

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Everyone is born with a unique and invaluable gift. It is our life mission to discover this gift and use it to unleash our full potential. However, this isn’t easy. Everyday stress, low confidence, lack of motivation and poor mental health often get in the way. After a decade in the making, Synctuition launched the first virtual spa for deep relaxation and self-improvement. This unparalleled tool helped millions of people worldwide. However, throughout this journey, we realized we needed to take the next big step towards radically transforming the future of mental health. The result? MindSpa: the world’s first social network for optimal mental health. More than an app, MindSpa is a revolutionary program for achieving mental clarity, finding your life purpose and boosting everyday happiness. This is possible thanks to an unparalleled combination of sound relaxation technology and several engaging features, which have been created to have positive and long-lasting effects. MINDSPA’S KEY FEATURES 3D sound journeys Immerse yourself in mesmerizing audios recorded using three-dimensional technology. Ease stress, relax, and optimize your mind for deep sleep by listening to soothing music, nature sounds, binaural beats, and ASMR. Clarity Test Would you like to discover how clear or foggy your current mental state is? Now, for the first time in history, mental clarity has been put on a measurable scale. All you need to do is to answer a series of questions about your everyday life and habits. Then, the clarity test algorithm will analyze and calculate your clarity score. Background music Would you like to focus while studying or unwind after a busy day? MindSpa has something for every occasion! Tune into our background music to set the perfect ambiance. Sound therapy Listen to a series of immersive audios featuring specific frequencies and diverse vibrations to stimulate your mind. Close your eyes and allow the sounds to positively impact your mind and body. Positivity Feed Get expert tips and tailored content based on your personal interest and current mental state. Through insightful facts, quotes, videos, and blog articles, you will learn new and exciting ways to improve your well-being. A LONG & IMPACTFUL TRAJECTORY Synctuition, the basis for MindSpa, has positively impacted the lives of millions of people across the globe. The numbers say it all: 5.000.000+ downloads 100 million+ streamed minutes 150.000+ five-star positive in-app reviews A growing community of users has already experienced all the transformative benefits of MindSpa’s sound technology and immersive features: “I feel like MindSpa brings me things I was missing in my life. My entire life has changed in extraordinary ways not just talking spiritually but also physically.” “I was skeptical at first. But once I started listening to the sound journeys and healing sounds my thoughts stopped racing and the binaural music transported me to another world.” “I love it! I look forward to go to sleep every night to enjoy 20 minutes of pure bliss, happiness, and listening to beautiful sounds.” Subscription, Pricing & Terms MindSpa is available with a 7-day free trial and can also be purchased yearly. Please keep in mind that after confirmation of your purchase, payment will be charged to your account. Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you turn off auto-renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current billing cycle. After canceling auto-renewal, you will still have access to MindSpa’s premium features. To learn more, read our terms and conditions here: https://mindspa.com/terms-of-use You can also find out all about our privacy policy below: https://mindspa.com/privacy-policy



  • Charged for two current subscriptions and won’t let me use either

    By Colebre
    I have had a great experience until recently. I have been charged and have two active yearly subscriptions and cannot access anything sound. I loved this app. Now I’ve been charged almost $200 for an app that expires in 2024 and still can’t use. Please contact me for refund or resolve issue please.
  • Poor Upgrade

    By Yawë
    I loved this app when it was Synctuition and would listen to it nightly. Since the upgrade to MindSpa the tracks either do not okay at all (continuous loading circles) or play and suddenly cut out before the track is over. There is no longer an accurate way to track you journey progress and I miss the download feature. Overall it has become a frustrating experience to use. I am very disappointed that the quality of this app seems to have suffered with the upgrade.
  • Leery of meditations with no description

    For the yearly cost of this app, I am quite disappointed with the lack of info for each mediation track. I had been using the app pretty consistently, and then stopped using the app for a couple of years. But after returning, I did notice the more stylized visual updates, but where is the synopsis of each track? ( I’m pretty sure the older versions of this app had way more information) All that time and effort to make the app visually appealing, but little direction besides “Begin at the Beginning”. I do not feel comfortable exposing myself to a binaural meditation, when its intended purpose is not explained to me. (Except a one word title like Vacation or Movie Star) 🙄Plenty of people use meditation to deal with trauma and help in the healing process, but going on this “journey” without knowing where it may be taking you, may hurt some people, rather than help them. Knowing the goal or purpose of the track can also help the listener set their intention. This feels like the equivalent of a very pretty pill bottle that someone hands you and says, “Take this, it will help you feel better” but when you examine the pretty label, it just says GRATITUDE, and you realize you have NO IDEA what’s in the bottle! If I sent the developer a check and just wrote the word MONEY instead of a dollar amount, they would be unable to cash it, and I feel the same way about this app. I contacted the developer, they said the development team would get my feedback. Since these things don’t happen overnight, I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable using this, especially the newer tracks I haven’t been exposed to yet. This would get 5 stars from me, (mostly from my PREVIOUS experience with the app) but I wouldn’t give a restaurant a 5 star review, even if I enjoyed the meal, if the menu just had the word DINNER or FOOD and you just had to HOPE you got what you wanted…
  • Relaxing! Very Unique Sounds

    By Graceful Gazelle
    This is the most relaxing app I have experienced. It is designed to enhance intuition. My intuition was strong before I started and now it seems stronger. 😃👍🤗 It also takes me into a deep meditative trance, often causing me to fall asleep. 😁😁 This is wonderful at bedtime! 😄😁😆
  • Won’t Play in Background

    By trevorsnarr
    Love this app however with the new updated software it won’t play in the background when I go to another app or lock my iPhone. Tried troubleshooting a couple different ideas with no luck. Tried to find their support email address and again they don’t give you that option in the new updated software. Synctuition tech support if you are reading this please send help. 🙏🏻💛
  • Disabled Downloads & Stops Mid Journey

    By Can’t Dowload
    I loved this app on Android because I could download my sessions and do them reliably while traveling. On IOS, you cannot download sessions and unless I have perfect service, I cannot get through a single journey. I will revise this review if they bring back the ability to download.
  • Technical Issues

    By Caseyd22
    Loved this app and recently they did a major upgrade that was seemingly amazing. The platform requires a purchase of some sort as well. So after purchasing, it only works about 20% of the time. It rarely loads and is super annoying. Never had these issues when it was free.
  • Meditation for those who can’t sit still

    By Fitfabfel
    Below review is trumped by an app that doesn’t work as well as Synctuition did before this expansion. If like to be excited about the new features but instead I’m frustrated that I can’t listen to the journey levels at all. Maybe it’s user error but I’ve never had an issue before. I love this app! I tell anyone who will listen. I am not very good at sitting still. Decided to give this app a try. It reminds me of the effects that occur with a neurospa/float pool session. I listen while showering, soaking in tub or just after waking. So many topics! You must listen to each in succession and sometimes you have to wait an allotted time before you can move to the next session. You can listen to anything that you complete as many times as you want. The result, reduced ANTs (automatic negative thoughts), more organized thinking, reduction in negative self talk, increased creativity. At least give a free one week trial a try and actually use it consistently.
  • Went from 5 star to 1 star.

    By KkpKathy
    What happened to Synctuition? They were 5star & now it’s called MindSpa which is 1 star imo. Get rid of the crazy mind video when you sign in! who wants to see that right before listening? Just have the final relaxed state it turns into. That crazy mind throws the mind into an unrelaxed state. Also, you can no longer really get a grasp on where you are at and it’s very hard to navigate when you are within a section. Bring back Synctuition please!
  • One of the best meditation apps I found…

    By lildude1989
    I love using this app to focus and clear my mind! It’s taken me places that I never thought I would be able to reach on my spiritual journey, and great for falling asleep at night, or even a Power Nap during the day. So much to experience in one little, app, and yes, it does build your intuition.