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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Food & Drink

Price: Free

Rating: 4.78984 stars based on 3464 reviews


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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2016-11-04
  • Current Version: 6.39.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 73.21 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Developer: Gronda GmbH

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  • Great pictures of great good ideas

    By Diana d P Mira
    The opportunity to see real mastery is great
  • Terrible execution of a wonderful concept

    By mario14th
    To start of when I singed up for the 7 day free trail I was charged 12 dollars so that already screams scummy scam cash grab. Secondly there is absolutely no quality control over the content put into this app. Some of the recipes are vague and unclear and force you to assume that your supposed to do things in between the listed steps. A lot of the people posting on the app look like good chefs that can’t write recipes to save their life. It feels like im reading a recipe that you would find scribbled into a notebook only meant to be read by the person who wrote it. Not only that but some recipes are in metric some are in imperial some are in other languages. I shouldn’t have to manually translate recipes that I’m paying a subscription fee to have access too. this app need a lot of work and until then the rest of the internet has a lot of free content that teaches you how to do literally all of this stuff. Thanks Gronda but no thanks.
  • Unusable w/ accessibility on

    By Raantuva
    With zoomed text and other adaptability settings active, I am unable to functionally navigate the app because many of the tapable elements are shoving themselves behind the time in the area next to the notch or ignoring text size adjustments. Idc where this app is from, in the United States your app needs to comply with the ADA. I can't even check it out to see if I'd be interested in a subscription. I can't freaking tap on anything. 😡 Edit: suddenly started sending me job offer pushes??? This app seems like a scam don't download it.
  • Exceptional

    By Micherre
    It is successfully doing what many others have tried to do. A really exceptional app. If I could go back in time and get in on the ground floor of this I would because I believe the quality will push it through to massive mainstream success. Definitely download if you want to improve your kitchen skills.
  • No iPad Version??

    By Steady Now
    This app NEEDS an iPad version… I don’t want to be on my phone while cooking.
  • Never got access after I paid the yearly subscription!

    By comanlodo
    I have contacted them repeatedly and all I get back is a generic e mail saying I signed up with the apple id but I log in and all they show me is my info and the amount paid but no link to the recipes or an index or something!! Just shows you a few recipes for free and then it tells you to go on the 7 day free trial am I supposed to pay AGAIN after 7 days????
  • Great concept, awful execution

    By brunobely
    Gronda on paper looks amazing. Masterclasses from renowned chefs on recipes, techniques, an concepts. Discussions about flavor and different ways to prepare the same ingredient. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, the app is unusable. I am unable to actually enjoy this amazing content because the UI makes it literally impossible. Freezing isn’t a one-off here; it’s the norm. UI elements that should show up (play button, rewind, fast forward) most of the time just don’t. There’s no way to view all lessons in a masterclass to pick up from where I stopped, so I have to start with the introduction and tap the “next lesson” button (if it shows up—most of the time, it doesn’t) several times to get to the video I remember having watched last. Currently I cannot play a video because there’s no play button. Oh, full screen videos? Don’t even think about that. That feature doesn’t seem to exist.
  • No instructions

    By icookalot
    Would give a 5 star but there’s so many recipes on here with no explanation or instructions. Need to get rid of some of those useless accounts and push accounts that give detail on how to prepare these dishes that they’re posting.
  • Recipes are incomplete or incorrect.

    By cjlorow
    Recipes are incomplete or incorrect. While the recipes are creative and inspiring, I lost interest after finding too many of them not complete. For example, I just open the app to see “Passion fruit and Tonka bean salted caramel “ it sounds delicious but the recipe has no tonka bean listed. Just one example of many frustratingly inadequate recipes.
  • Was good

    By Doughnut master 91023?!/
    I’ve had this app for about a year use it sometimes. Was $50 usd for Pro now it’s $99 still charged me $50 at renewal and won’t let me access anything without paying $99. I understand if you need to raise your price but don’t do it like this.