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  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Current Version: 4.356.10000
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.7 or later.
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It’s your hustle. Our flexibility. Your independence. Our security. Your business. Our support. Here’s why you should drive, deliver, and earn money with Uber. Drive or deliver. It’s up to you how you want to earn. No other app offers the same opportunities. Earn on your terms. Whether you want to use your bike or your car, you can make it work. Decide when, where, and how long you want to earn, while keeping your flexibility. Plan a smarter schedule. Exclusive app features like the Earnings Estimator can show you the busiest times to earn and keep a flexible schedule. Work from anywhere. Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York, or Austin, Uber is available in over 10,000 cities. Make money in your free time, then cash out when you’re ready. With Instant Pay, you can transfer your earnings up to 5 times a day. Stay safer with safety standards. We all play a role in helping keep each other safe. That’s why as part of our Door-to-Door Safety Standard, riders and drivers are required to wear a face cover or mask, even when vaccinated Sign up is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get started. Drive, deliver, and earn with Uber now. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.



  • Fire and replace your App development and CS team

    By seannnnnnnnnmnnnnnnnm
    Insanely buggy mess of an app that will cost you much of what little slave wage Uber actually pays you by consistently having issues. The gps constantly struggles to understand where you are. The app crashes or gets stuck on a certain screen 1/5 trips. You swipe up to restart the app and reopen it? Good luck trying to get back online as it’ll fail for 15 minutes saying Uber’s facing technical issues. You’re about to drop off food or a passenger and need to click a few buttons to complete it? Best of luck there as Uber will spam you and interrupt you with $2 for 10 mile trips every 5 seconds. You need customer support help? You won’t have a good experience, they outsource customer support to Asia where reps have an extremely limited grasp of the English language. On multiple occasions I couldn’t understand what the rep was saying as they had farm animals screaming in the background. From personal experience, It’s tough to resolve issues with a rooster bleating in your ear. There are better ways to make money. Consider Instacart instead as they actually care about their drivers, have consistently strong customer support, have a bug free app, and pay more than $4 an hour like uber.
  • Getting worse

    By touille93
    I have been working for Uber a little over a year now the orders are coming in fewer and fewer everyday…not only that but the “compensation” for the gas prices going up is non existent, I find I get a lot of orders for around $6 to go 8+ miles, how does that make sense?! They try to entice you to go out by send you texts saying how “busy” it is and “lots of dinner order now” and I only get like 1 ticket all night. Calling support is a joke! They either tell you is not busy in your area or there is an “outage”, all in the same conversation but nothing ever changes. Feels like there are too many drivers and not enough demand for my area but they don’t put a cap on how many drivers there are…
  • App works well. Customer service is terrible

    By Eric Hastings
    The app works well enough but if you have any issues, be prepared for a tremendous lack of help from support. The agent you speak with will not be able to answer many questions and you will be put on hold several times. Asking to speak with someone who knows the answers will also be fruitless, as the agents won’t transfer you but will only ask you to call back again. Terrible.
  • Not getting requests

    By cd_cloyd
    Good day yesterday but it was one of the few. Today I’ve been sitting here for five hours and I called four times. After the third time I got two trips for very low amounts and now I’m sitting here for another hour with nothing and they’re telling me they don’t see any problems with my account. There are so many improvements that need to be made to this app and one of them is to see how busy it is in the area that you are in. Some of us are driving extensively without having any trips. And this is time that we could spend doing other things instead of sitting around waiting for trips.
  • They steal your tips

    By fedupwituber
    The more u excel the less you make in tips????? I deliver to people in mega mansions my tips went from 40$ a tip (green level )when I first started vs now 300 deliveries later they are now $2.00 $3.00 (diamond level )if I get any. I have a screenshot of the tips changing in a matter of seconds.
  • Drive with Lyft or DoorDash !!

    By TheRealRealeza
    I was scammed, ripped off, misinformed, hung up on and unassisted. I’m so angry and emotional about all of this and no longer wish to support Uber. I am in between jobs and invested the little money I had to do what I was advised to do by your “agents” when I first joined only to be misinformed and out $500!! I cannot believe this is the type of Uber support us “Pro” users are receiving. I was transferred to 5 different departments every time I asked for help. I wish to sue Uber as my step father is a lawyer and will be looking into this matter for you since NO ONE was available that actually has authority and good work ethic to resolve any issues. This has been a terrible experience and it is sad to see that my patience and time was absolutely wasted.
  • Still waiting on a background check.. a month later

    signed up for uber eats, says it takes less than a week for the background check to go through, im almost at a month and week waiting on it to be approved. Maybe it’s a sign to not even drive with uber eats? maybe doordash is better
  • How this app is out of touch with the times

    By Ms Kitty Minx
    No apple or android play No ability to check out jobs quickly Resolutions is poor
  • No security

    By Msansores
    I was a driver for 3.5 years. Woke up this morning to my account being deactivated due to “travel delays” that could not be elaborated on. Its good for side money but no matter how good you are eventually you’ll do enough deliveries to rack up enough points due to traffic, or one delay, or another , to be terminated from driving. With no explanation
  • Multiple updates!

    By BCMjack
    What’s the deal Uber! Why so many updates? Every time your app says I have to update, I do update it, and right after it gets done updating it says I have to update again!? I don’t understand why you can’t make updates from one version to the r latest version instead of making me go through all the incremental small updates before the latest one! What gives! Just make it where my phone gets the latest version in the first place! Multiple updates back to back is really annoying and if I’m out in the field and have no wifi, it eats my data! F-you! And why do you keep changing my car in the app to my wife’s car!? I keep changing it back to what I drive and add the insurance back to it only for it to disappear again!? Wtfh?! Are you guys stupid? Or is your algorithm stupid? Or is the algorithm so badly programmed that it can’t tell that the other car that I didn’t enter is just another car that isn’t used on the app?! Stop messing with my account! Jeez you really do have to make everything painful on your platform don’t you?! That’s why people are dumping you! Your stupid! And make working with you so difficult.