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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Food & Drink

Price: Free

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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2015-12-18
  • Current Version: 2.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.34 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.6 or later.
  • Developer: VST

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PROFESSIONAL COFFEE TOOLS DESIGN SOFTWARE for the BARISTA, SPECIALTY ROASTER, CAFÉ and RESTAURANT OPERATOR and COFFEE & ESPRESSO BEVERAGE EQUIPMENT DESIGNER Based on MoJoToGo – Best New Product SCAA EXPO 2010 VST's UNIVERSAL BREWING CONTROL CHART SOFTWARE For Coffee, Espresso, Cupping and Equipment Design • Simple 2-Step Design Process with Direct Chart Data Entry Select the point on the Chart and the amount of Beverage, Brew Water or Coffee Dose. VST CoffeeTools™ does everything else. • Drag-and-Drop coffee recipe design works in all modes. All recipe values are automatically calculated and displayed for any brewing recipe protocol. Full conversions provided, including between brewing methods. • Portrait and Landscape mode charts supported • Works with all types of brewing methods including: drip and auto-drip; infusion and full-immersion, cupping and espresso methods. • Supports iTunes File Sharing. Import/Export all data and measurements. • Share individual recipes, data & measurements to/from other versions of VST CoffeeTools. • Fully functional with or without a coffee refractometer. Refractometer measurements may be plotted separately using measured total dissolved solids (% TDS) and Beverage amounts to chart and compare actual brew results to design target values. • Conversions for volume and weight measurements and U.S. Standard (English) to Metric units are supported in any combination. Design recipes for Drip can be directly converted to/from Infusion/Immersion methods, while maintaining identical extraction and strength relationships. •Extraction Yield normalization is automatically provided on the VST Universal Brewing Control Chart for all brew methods: Drip, Infusion, Espresso, Cupping; brew water temperature (volume measurements); liquid retained in spent grounds; CO2 & Moisture content of the ground coffee. Defaults are provided for all preferences, and may be customized separately for all modes as required. • A wide array of Presets are provided in all modes of operation that are typical of those found in home and commercial service. Each mode provides a full set of custom Presets that are user defined. • Full recipe details database maintained separately for Coffee, Espresso and Cupping. Sorting by Date, Name and Taste Score provided. • The VST Universal Brewing Control Chart supports direct touch-screen data input, pan and zoom functions, auto-scrolling of chart with ordinate and abscissa axis and reset functions. Design points for % TDS and % EXT are step-less with snap-to-grid increments provided (TDS @ 0.05% and EXT at 0.1% increments). Region of Interest (ROI) overlays are optionally provided for SCAA, SCAE, NCA regions with taste defect labels. Custom User defined ROI is also included separately for all modes. • Complete calculation results are displayed for: Dose, Brew Water, Beverage, Liquid Retained Ratio, Spent Grounds Weight, Coffee or Espresso Brew Ratio, Extraction Yield in both Design and Measured values.



  • good, but let’s take it to the next level

    By esoterrestrial
    i have two requests: can we add hundredths of a gram to the dose in percolation mode? this app is set up great for batch brewing, but i brew with 12g doses in my v60. (a good recipe for a high extraction) in my case, changes in dose of one tenth of a gram result in a change in extraction of nearly a quarter of a percent. (21.75% versus 22%) because of this i bought a cheap scale that reads to the hundredth of a gram to weigh my doses, letting me view a more accurate extraction resolution. it doesn’t seem ridiculous to weigh a low dose (even espresso) with more accuracy than a tenth of a gram. but as things are, i calculate my extractions by hand. secondly, could the LRR be optional? there are often times when i’d like to input my actual BW and BEV weight and they are not quite matching my usual LRR. then i have to manually fiddle with the LRR until it is adjusted correctly.
  • Great App For Coffee Experts

    By Diengo
    Love this app! It is very specific for coffee experts or for people going through the SCAA or SCAE coffee courses. For me it's only missing an upgrade where you can also manipulate the brewing temperature to be able to make different tests and analysis.